Destiny 2 Prophecy Dungeon Weapons: All Six Ranked

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Prepare yourself for updated Prophecy weapons in Destiny 2 with our new guide!

Many have loved the Prophecy dungeon for various reasons. One of these reasons was that the weapons were very good at the time of their release, and some of them could still be useful today. However, a couple of years later, Bungie decided to make the updated Prophecy weapons with new perks, an origin trait, and even new guns. Previously, Bungie already updated Last Wish weapons by making them one of most powerful guns in the game. So, let’s take a look at D2 Prophecy weapons and at what Bungie prepared for us and what you should get right now!

Latest Propheсy Dungeon Loot Table

As with any other Dungeon, you won’t be able to get all the guns by farming only one encounter. Each stage in the Dungeon has unique loot associated with it, so you will need to know which stage drops the specific loot you are looking for. To save you time, we have prepared a handy picture that helps you understand which stage you need to farm. Remember, loot from Secret Chests includes any loot you’ve obtained before.

New Prophecy Loot Pool

It’s important to note that with the new perks, the Prophecy guns also received an Origin Trait named Crossing Over. Because of the Prophecy weapon origin trait, these guns will have increased Range and Handling for the upper half of the magazine and increased damage for the lower half.

Relentless, Pulse Rifle


The first new Prophecy weapon added is a Strand High-Impact Pulse Rifle, which has excellent perks for any activity. Since there’s a wide selection of perks here, it’s hard to say what the perfect roll for PvP would be.

In the fourth column, everything is as excellent as in the third. In order to improve Accuracy, it’s best to use Headseeker or Moving Target, while Zen Moment will help cope with high Recoil and Flinch.

Although High-Impact Pulse Rifles are not the best Archetype for PvE, Relentless is still worth your attention and could be top Prophecy weapon to have. The ideal roll for Strand Builds would be Slice and Hatchling. This combination will help you reduce damage from enemies, create Threading, and spawn Tangles as often as possible. Otherwise, it’s better to use Keep Away with Frenzy, which provides you with increased damage, Reload Speed, and Handling in almost any circumstance.

Prosecutor, Auto Rifle


The second new weapon is a Precision Arc Auto Rifle, which can easily replace IKELOS_SMG_V1.0.3 in PvE and Ammit AR2 in PvP. In Crucible, you may be interested in only three perks, but all of them are very good. 

Starting with Keep Away, it is excellent by itself due to adding 10 Range, 30 Reload Speed, and Accuracy if no enemies are near you. If you have enough Range, then Zen Moment, which reduces recoil and Flinch, should be considered. In the 4th column, we recommend that you pay attention to Target Lock, as it reduces TtK against Low Resilience Enemies and improves forgiveness. A good alternative would be Tap the Trigger due to the bonus to Stability and Accuracy.

In PvE, there are so many Prophecy weapon god rolls options that we don’t even know where to start. An obvious favorite for Ad-Clear is Dragonfly and Voltshot. This combination will be good on any subclass and in any content, so we advise getting it. If you didn’t like such a roll, Rewind Rounds, combined with Frenzy, would fit any subclass nicely, while Golden Tricorn is ideal if you play on Arc.

Prophecy Weapons Farm

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Adjudicator, Submachine Gun


The last addition to the Loot Pool is Adjudicator, a Precision Kinetic Submachine Gun with perks for every taste. PvE players immediately noticed Kinetic Tremors and Onslaught, which could make Adjudicator a part of the best Prophecy weapons for PvE. The first perk is ideal for Endgame content like GM Nightfall, while the second perk is an obvious favorite for Ad-clear due to increased RPM and Reload Speed. Frenzy should not be overlooked either, as Bonus Damage and Reload Speed are never superfluous.

In PvP, Adjudicator will be a decent SMG, but it is unlikely to be better than the Unending Tempest from the Crucible Playlist. Since this Submachine Gun has only a 13 Zoom, your shots will often go nowhere, which makes using Rangefinder necessary. So, having Fragile Focus, which provides an additional 20 Range, is necessary for this type of weapon and would also be beneficial.

A Sudden Death, Shotgun

A Sudden Death

Now, let’s continue our story with the updated guns, starting with A Sudden Death. This Aggressive Void Shotgun received many good perks for any mode, particularly for PvP. In PvE, we can recommend three extremely good combinations, namely:

As for PvP Prophecy weapon rolls, the choice in the third column here is extremely extensive, but let’s go in order. If you need to improve handling, Threat Detector and Elemental Capacitor (only on Arc Subclass) are the best, while Slideshot will help with Range. Discord is a very interesting perk. Since, you often have little Special due to the new Crucible Sandbox, generating it out of thin air will be very useful. So, in the end, we can say that A Sudden Death is one of the best Prophecy weapons for PvP.

Judgement, Hand Cannon


Judgement is the second Primary Weapon in the game to have Headstone in the 3rd column, making it a very interesting choice and one of the best Prophecy dungeon weapons. This allows us to combine it with a Damage Perk like Timed Payload or Adrenaline Junkie, making this HC better than the famous Eyasluna. In PvP, we can’t particularly recommend this Hand Cannon due to not having the best Stats. If you don’t have Rose or other good HCs, then Slideshot with Opening Shot will perfectly suit Aggressive Gameplay.

Darkest Before, Pulse Rifle

Darkest Before

Let’s finish our Destiny 2 Prophecy weapons guide with Darkest Before, which is the most boring weapon from this Dungeon. Many may like the combination of Heal Clip and Incandescent in PvE, especially when playing on Solar. Unfortunately, Headseeker and Kill Clip can be considered the only good perks to use in PvP, but if you play on Void, then Elemental Capacitor is available to you.

Final Words on Destiny 2 Prophecy Weapons

So, that’s all we can tell you about the available Destiny 2 best Prophecy weapons. If you have questions about the article or the guns, or if you want to thank us for the article, be sure to leave your comment. It’s a huge motivation for us to continue helping Guardians with their loadout. At the same time, don’t forget about our Prophecy boosting services, where our professionals get all the desired loot in just a few hours! Save time to do more important things.

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