New Shaxx Quest Grants Three Great Weapons and Emblem

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The new Shaxx quest gives you three extraordinary PvP weapons and a unique Emblem!

New Shaxx Quest Grants Three Great Weapons and Emblem

If you didn’t already know, three brand new PvP maps have been released this week: Dissonance, Cirrus Plaza, and Eventide Labs. Bungie has decided to celebrate this by including the New Territory 3v3 playlist, which only has new maps, and the Forged Anew Shaxx quest.

In Forged Anew, you must play this playlist once, after which you must play two matches or win once on each map. For this, Lord Shaxx will reward you with a new “Slaycation” Emblem and one of the Competitive weapons of your choice. They all have fixed rolls:

New PvP Emblem

While the new PvP maps are a thrilling addition, Bungie haven’t forgotten PvE players. Until the release of The Final Shape, you can engage in farming daily Deepsight weapons. Moreover, everyone now have access to three Destiny 2 DLCs until the release of TFS. But remember, this offer won’t last forever, so don’t miss the chance to explore them if you haven’t already!

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it never dropped for me after I completed the quest, just the choice of weapons