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Seven Exotic weapons were added in the Lightfall: Season of Defiance so far, with more on the way. The roster is very diverse in terms of weapon sorts, damage types, and traits. It’s a fun bunch, destructive with certain aspects and fragments. Without further ado, here’s a comprehensive Lightfall Exotic weapons overview.


Added on March 10, Conditional Finality is the reward for the Root of Nightmares raid. It’s a high-impact double-barreled shotgun from the start, and it also sports a special trait that divides the damage into Stasis and Solar. Landing Stasis pellets will freeze the enemy, while Solar pellets will ignite them.

It’s a powerful combination, especially with the right selection of fragments and aspects. The weapon deals colossal damage with its two blasts. Furthermore, you can increase the effects by choosing a Solar or Stasis subclass. Lightfall Exotic weapons tips recommend equipping the Whisper of Fissures fragment for Stasis or the Ember of Eruption for Solar.


Deterministic Chaos is an outstanding remedy against groups of hostiles. Each fourth bullet fired from it weakens the target, and each sixteenth shot also makes them volatile. It’s obtained by completing the “Unfinished Business” questline on Neomuna, which is only accessible after beating the campaign.

Note that the volatile shot will only charge up if you hold down the trigger. Players can monitor the progress towards that heavy projectile with the four indicators located behind the scope. They will gradually light up as you release special rounds. That, and a relatively slow firing rate, lets you control how these effects are applied.


Final Warning is the best of all Exotic Weapons in Lightfall. It’s one of the first Strand guns in the game with an amazing tracking ability. It can be improved with this element’s fragments, one of the few applications for them yet. The sidearm can be acquired early by finishing the “Final Strand” questline, which comes up after the player unlocks all Strand grenades, aspects, and fragments on a character.

While holding down the trigger, the gun will mark the enemies in scope. After release, they’ll be hit with a swarm of projectiles shot in quick succession. Up to 10 rounds can be fired this way, dealing lots of damage. The bullets will also follow marked targets while hipfiring, or deal increased damage while aiming.


Earning Winterbite requires some work, but it’s well worth it. To obtain it, one needs to complete the “Strider” questline. It’s unlocked after discovering the Hall of Heroes and beating the quests “Bluejay”, “Maelstrom”, and “Stargazer.” The reward is a glaive weapon with much potential for synergetic combos, at least according to this Lightfall Exotic weapons review.

The main shtick is the ball of energy you can fire from this thing. It will slowly travel through the air and freeze nearby hostiles. Moreover, as long as you have one ball in reserve, the melee attacks apply slowness and hit harder. Lastly, there are some crazy combinations with aspects and fragments, allowing players to deal efficiently with powerful enemies and groups of hostels.


Vexcalibur is another glaive on this Destiny 2 Lightfall Exotics list. You get Vexcalibur by completing a hidden quest in the European Dead Zone. Unlocking it requires you to collect six data cubes, which will then point you to a cave. Inside that cave, you can start a mission that heavily features the Vex, hence the wordplay in the name.

You can further rerun the quest to upgrade it and unlock more perks. As for its trait, there’s an in-built shield. Upon blocking damage, it will provide an overshield to you and those nearby. Melee attacks are also 20% stronger when it’s charged up. This Exotic pairs very well with Strand or Void, which helps survive for longer in the endgame activities like Nightfalls or dungeons, if you play your cards right.


The bow can be acquired by purchasing the Battle Pass, although it’s also awarded on level 35. Moreover, consider getting its Catalyst to reduce draw time. It’s awarded for completing the “Nock, Draw, Loss, Quiet” questline in the Tower. It’s one of the more enjoyable among all Destiny 2 Lightfall Exotic weapons.

For fans of continuously freezing enemies, this bow is a must-have. Each last hit from the bow grants you a Stasis arrow. When you’ve collected enough, you can release all of them in a burst shot (only while hipfiring). Hitting an enemy will cause them to freeze, whereas colliding with a surface will generate a Stasis crystal immediately.


It’s an old gun, not one of the new Exotic Weapons Lightfall added. With a freshly-introduced Catalyst, however, it can be upgraded to Strand. The gun itself can be obtained by buying the Annual Pass and Lightfall. The upgrade, meanwhile, requires a special quest, 1000 takedowns overall, and 50 grenade takedowns on Neomuna.

The gun shoots a small homing missile after several successful rounds. Moreover, hitting hostiles with these rockets loads a grenade in the alt-fire mode, which you can fire whenever. You can have up to 3 grenades in reserve. It’s a lot of damage, but how does Strand affect the gameplay? Here’s a quick Lightfall Exotic Weapons guide for it.

Dropping an enemy with a grenade spawns a Thread, allowing you to damage nearby opponents even more. Another upside of Strand is that bullets unravel their targets, meaning they’ll occasionally emit projectiles that’ll harm them and anyone around. In short, Quicksilver Storm Strand has both wonderful single-target and AOE capabilities.


That concludes the list of Destiny 2 Lightfall Exotic weapons, all capable of inflicting significant damage. Moreover, there are plenty of builds involving these guns, which make for absolutely stunning combinations. Some of them are extra hard to get. So, if you want to save up your time and effort, consider buying Destiny 2 weapons like these from a trustworthy source.

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