How to Get Cloudstrike Exotic in Destiny 2: Catalyst, Quests, and More

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Wondering how to get Cloudstrike Exotic in 2024? We’ll tell you all the details in this guide. 

This guide will tell you how to obtain Cloudstrike Exotic Sniper Rifle and its Catalyst in 2024. We will also share some tips and tricks for completing the Empire Hunt mission.

Cloudstrike Exotic Overview

Cloudstrike Exotic Sniper Rifle was introduced in Destiny 2 Beyond Light DLC in 2020. It means you must own this DLC to obtain this Exotic rifle.

The main feature of this rifle is the Intrinsic Exotic Perk Mortal Polarity, which allows you to strike the enemy with a lightning bolt after precision final blows. Its second Perk is called Stormbringer, which allows you to create a lightning storm at the point of impact after rapid precision hits.

Cloudstrike Catalyst adds the Triple Tap Trait, which provides one round to be returned to the magazine after three rapid precision hits. The Catalyst also adds +25 Handling to Cloudstrike Exotic.

Cloudstrike Exotic Sniper Rifle is a good weapon for both PvE and PvP with high DPS, which is great against bosses. Lightning from its Perks causes massive damage to enemies. This weapon is very effective in PvP, as it deals area damage and allows you to eliminate enemies, especially those who have already taken damage.

How to Get Cloudstrike Exotic Sniper Rifle

You need to unlock the Empire Hunt quest to obtain this Sniper Rifle. However, if you have a friend with access to Empire Hunt, you can play it together without completing all the previous activities, including the Beyond Light campaign. You can also search for people with an unlocked Empire Hunt online through LFG.

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Beyond Light DLC Campaign

As we said, you must complete the Beyond Light DLC campaign before starting the quest chain to get Cloudstrike. This essential point opens up subsequent quests needed to obtain Cloudstrike. After completing the Beyond Light story, go to the Tower and talk to Commander Zavala. Before you start, check which quests are available through the Quest log.

Reclaiming Europa

After accepting the Reclaiming Europa quest from Commander Zavala, go to Europa and talk to Variks to take the mission “Sabotaging Salvation” from him. Completing Variks’ “Sabotaging Salvation” mission will give you access to the Sabotage challenges tab. You must only complete two quests there: Europan Explorer I and Europan Explorer II.

However, if you are completing the Beyond Light campaign for the first time, you will not have access to these quests. To unlock the Europan Explorer I and Europan Explorer II quests, head to Exo Stranger in the Beyond Landing Zone and take A Hard Rain Falls quest from her.

A Hard Rain Falls

To complete this quest, you need to earn 1,000 points, and the easiest way to do this is in the current Eclipsed Zone of Europa. You can find the Eclipsed Zone by falling debris, it’s in Eventide Ruins now.

During this quest, you need to complete patrols, participate in heroic public events, and defeat powerful enemies. After completing the A Hard Rain Falls quest, you will gain access to the Europan Explorer I and Europan Explorer II quests.

Europan Explorer I and Europan Explorer II

To complete the first quest, you must defeat 50 enemies with Kinetic weapons, 50 with Energy weapons, and 25 with Power weapons precisely on Europa. To quickly farm the necessary kills, head to the Perdition Lost Sector. In the second quest, you need to defeat 30 powerful enemies in Empire Hunt.

Empire Hunt

After completing the above quest chain, you will unlock the Empire Hunt mission of higher difficulty levels. To get Cloudstrike, complete the Empire Hunt weekly activity on Hero difficulty. You should be at least 1770 Power Level. You will need at least 1960 Power Level with The Final Shape release.

The Cloudstrike drop as a reward for completing the Empire Hunt mission is completely random and does not depend on the difficulty level or your score at the end.

How to Get Cloudstrike Catalyst

To add the Triple Tap Perk to your Cloudstrike, you need to complete any core activities from the Ritual Playlist, such as Vanguard Operations, Gambit, or Crucible. The Cloudstrike Catalyst drop is completely random as well.


Now you know you can still get Cloudstrike and its Catalyst in 2024. However, their drop chances are pretty low, and you have to farm missions, hoping for a lucky RNG. Still, the Cloudstrike Exotic Sniper Rifle is worth it as it’s an excellent and powerful weapon.

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