Root of Nigmares Adept Weapon This Week

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It’s been quite a while since the release of the new Raid Root of Nightmares. Some parts of the Destiny 2 fanbase liked it, while others found it incredibly dull due to its low difficulty. Nevertheless, everyone wants to get the weapons from this Raid. With the release of its Master version, players are no doubt rushing to farm them.

Today we will tell you about the Adept weapons in the Root of Nightmares, namely what they are, how to get them, and whether they are worth grinding for. So, let’s save your precious time and get down to this overview.

What Are Root of Nightmares Adept Weapons in Destiny 2?

The Adept Weapons are upgraded versions of regular ones with slightly better stats and a slightly different look. However, their main feature is unique Root of Nightmares Adept mods that can increase specific stats. Upgrading those weapons to Masterwork, every stat goes up by three points. In addition, you can upgrade your Adept weapons, allowing you to select Barrel and Magazine/Battery, as well as set enhanced perks. Although this seems insignificant, it can be decisive in any battle.

This Week’s Adept Weapon in the Root of Nightmares

Root of Nightmares Adept weapon in this week’s rotation is Nessa’s Oblation and you must complete the All Hands to get it.

How to Get Adept Weapons in RoN?

In Root of Nightmares’ case, players must complete a specific Challenge on one of the four encounters. These Challenges force you to completely adjust the approach to the Raid’s passage, as they introduce new difficult conditions. And to make Guardian’s life not so sweet, Adept Weapons are only available on Master Raid Difficulty. If you didn’t know, you’d always have -20 light there, making you feel like you’re on Day One.

Despite past Raids, Root of Nightmares have Adept weapon’s weekly rotation. Every week there is a certain weapon that drops from challenges. You no longer need to rely on RNG-god that will help you get that funny scalloped pistol one day. The challenges also adjust weekly, varying from the first to the second stage, from the second to the third encounter, and so on.

Root of Nightmares Challenges Explained

This section will teach you how to complete each Challenge in Root of Nightmares. There are four in total, and they change every week.

1st Challenge: Illuminated Torment

The essence of this Challenge is that persons only with the Field of Light buffs should eliminate Tormentors. Although this sounds simple, in reality, unexpected difficulties can arise. To avoid these situations, we have prepared tactic for passing this hard Challenge.

Your Fireteam divides into three teams: the first consists of one person, the second of two, and the third of three people. The first Guardian calmly conducts Nodes, while the third team must stand in the light dome. As soon as the second team defeats two psions, the third team that received the buff annihilates Tormentor. Stick to this tactic until the stage ends. Thus your Adept weapon is in your hands!


This Challenge could give you a hard time, but it’s simple enough than the others. Only the person on the opposite side should activate the catapults (from left to right or from right to left). We advise you to assign a person on each side to shoot those buttons. Using Eager Edge or other flying techniques will fail the Challenge. There are no unique tactics to offer here, just maximum concentration and long-range weapons, like scout rifles.

3rd Challenge: Cosmic Equilibrium

If you’ve gone through the Raid and its planet stage, then you know that you need to move one Light or Dark planet to the opposite side. You must do the opposite in the challenge: move two Light planets to the Dark side and Dark planets to the Light side.

The stage itself is straightforward. Select two people on each side while the remaining players clear the center. The teams on the left and right call the planets they will swap with and do it quickly in two passes. Try to be less distracted by enemies and more focused on the task.

4th Challenge: All Hands

Well, here is the last challenge and perhaps the most unpleasing of all. Everyone in the Fireteam should do one node of each color per chase. And that already doesn’t sound good. Wherein the last two people must simultaneously deposit buffs in order to complete the chains.

So here’s the strategy. There are two teams of three players — one on the right and the other on the left. Everyone takes the usual roles, but everyone has to remember who will follow who. One runner does their chain, comebacks, takes the role from their partner, and the second runner proceeds. Regarding the third player, he must cooperate with a runner from the other team for a collaborative deposit. It’s pretty easy to get confused here, but with a good team, you can do it. Just repeat those steps on all phases and you’re gold!

Root of Nightmares Adept Weapons

Let’s move on to the most interesting part of the article because now the Root of Nightmares Adept weapons list is waiting for you. Here, we’ll explain whether it is worth getting them. Spoiler: Even the worst of them is not a sin to get.

Briar’s Contempt, Linear Fusion Rifle

Bungie is releasing the Solar Linear Fusion Rifle for the second time in a row with the new Raid. However, Briar’s Contempt turned out to be way worse than its alternative from Vow of the Disciple. Briar’s Contempt has such excellent perks as Reconstruction, Frenzy, and Focused Fury, but it will not be able to compete with Cataclysmic, which has Bait and Switch.

Koraxis’s Distress, Grenade Launcher

Perhaps this is the worst Adept weapon in the Root of Nightmares, although it has practical usage. Grenade launchers are considered quite powerful weapons in Destiny 2, and Koraxis’s Distress is no exception. Unfortunately, it only suits you if you don’t have weapons like Regnant or Wendigo GL3, as they deal much more damage and have more powerful perks.

Acasia’s Dejection, Trace Rifle

Big fans of Trace Rifles finally got a new gun that turned out to be incredibly good. With the Adept version, it becomes just the perfect choice for clearing enemies and becomes a pleasure to use. We’ll assume you want to use it against powerful enemies. In that case, the combination of Reconstruction and Target Lock will not disappoint you.

Rufus’s Fury, Auto Rifle

A solid Auto Rifle that has demand among PvP players. If you are new to PvP, then it is more than suitable for aim training, and after that, you can already switch to more powerful weapons. For PVE, this Auto Rifle has excellent perks, which will be vital in any content, despite the weakness of all Auto Rifles in the game. That’s the definite favorite for your Strand Builds.

Mykel’s Reverence, Sidearm

Right now considered one of the best Root of Nightmares Adept guns and Sidearms in the game. Together with its unique design, it is powerful enough for both PvP and for clearing mobs in PvE as a Primary Weapon. It’s highly recommended if you want an excellent Strand sidearm in your collection, especially with Perpetual Motion/Pugilist and Hatchling/Frenzy perks.

Nessa’s Oblation, Shotgun

We can safely call this Shotgun the best weapon from Root of Nightmares. It can be described as an Energy Heritage thanks to the Reconstruction, FTTC, Vorpal weapon, and Focused Fury. However, it will be difficult for it to find a use in PvE. Yet, Nessa’s Oblation will definitely always satisfy you in PvE.

Are Adept Raid Weapons Worth the Grind?

The answer is both simple and complex. Yes, these new Adept weapons in Destiny 2 are worth grinding, as they are much better than the original ones and have their own Adept mods that improve performance. But you can get Deepsight versions of the original weapons and craft them without farming Adept ones.

It all depends on your preferences: if the Master doesn’t scare you with difficulty and your team is ready to farm, then do it. Or get the original RoN weapon pattern and you can craft the necessary perks. In any case, these weapons will not disappoint you.

And now you know everything about Adept weapons from Root of Nightmares Raid. If you liked the article and it helped you understand more about these guns, then share this guide with your friends and help them out too. Need help completing a Master Raid and don’t have the time or a good team? Then buy Destiny 2 Weapons and use the professional service from WowVendor. With their help, you will finish this activity and get desired Adept weapons in no time!

Thanks for reading. Owl is flying away!

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Owl Guy
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But naturally you failed to tell us WHAT guns drop WHERE exactly and in WHICH challenges… which makes even LESS sense that there are only FOUR challenges, but SIX guns.

Owl Guy
Owl Guysays:

Hello, Legend!

Information about guns and this week’s challenge can be found at the beginning of the article in the THIS WEEK’S ADEPT WEAPON IN THE ROOT OF NIGHTMARES section. Right now, we don’t know the constant rotation of the guns, but we know that they are tied specifically to weeks, not challenges. Therefore, we update the info there.

If you want to learn more about weapons or the challenges themselves, then you can find out about them in the ROOT OF NIGHTMARES ADEPT WEAPONS and ROOT OF NIGHTMARES CHALLENGES EXPLAINED sections.


Yeeeeah…. great. So this whole article is still a waste because it boils down to “There’s ZERO reason to play Master content save for the one encounter and then you bounce”. Oh, and you only get ONE gun per SIX weeks?? So I’d better get that roll of Briar’s I want or I’m gonna be waiting for six weeks for another attempt… and that is stupid. Needs to be farmable.

Owl Guy
Owl Guysays:

Unfortunately, this is how Destiny 2 works and the gun rotation on this Raid. Perhaps Bungie will change this in the future, but for now, we have what we have. I recommend not waiting for the Adept rotation. Start farming frames for the desired weapon and craft it with the best perks. It will save you time and nerves!