Get Witcher Emblem in Destiny 2 for Free Right Now

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Bungie decided to delight their fans by giving away a Witcher emblem in Destiny 2!

Get Witcher Emblem for Free

With the Season of the Wish launch, a collaboration between The Witcher and Destiny 2 began, which a lot of players received positively. Despite the fact that most items are silver-only, players are able to get the Adventurous Spirit emblem by completing a certain triumph. A huge number of players overlooked it, and the developers decided to change the situation.

A couple of days ago, the community received a task to destroy 7,777,777 enemies using a sword, as befits true witchers. It took quite some time, but now this goal has been achieved. Now, all you have to do to get the Witcher emblem for free is to enter the code 9FY-KDD-PRT on the Bungie website. And don’t worry, this offer is unlimited, so you have plenty of time to become part of the space Witchers.

Would you like Bungie to organize a similar promotion with other items from The Witcher? The power of the Destiny 2 community could inspire them to such generosity.

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