Destiny 2: There Will No Longer Be TWAB

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Destiny 2: There Will No Longer Be TWAB

Yes, you read it correctly. Destiny 2 TWAB no longer exists. Bungie has made their decision. And here’s why.

For years, the FPS title’s creators delivered weekly updates and announcements through the blog posts of the iconic This Week at Bungie, or TWAB. But that’s no longer the case starting from June 8.

Goodbye TWAB, Hello TWID

Destiny 2: There Will No Longer Be TWAB

The studio has decided to give the series a new name to keep up with the exciting changes happening in D2 and their other major projects. So, passionate fans of the FPS title should expect some changes to come their way soon. 

The beloved TWAB will now be known as This Week in Destiny,” or TWID for short. Without a doubt, the developers’ efforts to bring back the Marathon franchise as a live-service game is the main reason behind this change. As a result, the title is likely in line to have its own weekly posts. Following the studio’s pattern of naming their blog posts, it might be called “This Week in Marathon,” or TWIM for convenience. 

That said, it’s not the only change coming to news and announcements of D2. From now on, the weekly blog posts will be announced on the official Destiny social channels instead of Bungie’s. 

Marathon: A Promising Project

Destiny 2: There Will No Longer Be TWAB

During the PlayStation Showcase Event in May, Bungie shared some exciting news about the dormant Marathon series. Untouched since 1996, almost 30 years have passed since its last release before the studio decided to unearth and bring it back to life.

Currently, there is little information available about said project. However, early development suggests that it will be an action-packed shooter involving both PvP and PvE. It’s important to note that the new game won’t be a direct continuation of the previous titles. 

Rebranding its weekly blog series, Bungie broadens its scope beyond Destiny 2. Thus, fans can look forward to exciting developments on the horizon for not only the two games named above, but also the studio’s other projects. In the meantime, TWID will keep fans updated with news and updates about their favorite game.

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