Destiny 2: Players Boycott The Final Shape to Protest Bungie

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Destiny 2: Players Boycott The Final Shape to Protest Bungie

Destiny 2 community’s discontentment towards Bungie has long reached a boiling point. Frustrations mount, yet, the studio keeps ignoring its fan base’s needs. And so, as a result, players are urging each other to boycott The Final Shape.

The rallying cry among the Guardians underscores a deep-seated desire for Bungie to address the ongoing issues. Tensions have long existed between the studio and its player base. Gamers have consistently voiced their concerns. Yet, Bungie has been turning a blind eye to the problems that are plaguing the FPS title.

The breaking point arrived with the underwhelming “State of the Game” article. Hauling along a recycled seasonal approach, it presented an expansion story that fell short of expectations. Other than that, the unresolved issues still remain. For a more detailed account of the events that transpired, you can find further information in the article below.

That being said, the rift between Bungie and its fan base is now seemingly unmendable. Players are using social media to express their discontent. They urge fellow gamers not to pre-order the upcoming final expansion. This collective action serves a dual purpose. First, to accentuate their dissatisfaction with how the studio is handling the game. And second, it’s an attempt to take hold of Bungie’s decision-makers attention.

The Reddit post has garnered significant attention. However, it only represents a fraction of the broader Destiny 2 community.

It’s unknown how Bungie will deal with this matter. But one thing is certain: if the studio wants to live up to its players’ expectations, it has to put in more effort. The team will need to step up its game, listen to its fans, and regain their trust. However, it’s a lot easier said than done. At the moment, the fate of Destiny 2 is hanging in uncertainty, as many gamers have agreed not to purchase The Final Shape.

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