Bungie Has Provided Details about Season 23 Weapon Changes

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Season 23 Weapon Changes

Sometimes, Bungie unexpectedly publishes important news. That’s precisely what happened today, which likely signals unimportant info in TWiD this week. But let’s stay focused on the main topic, namely the vital weapon changes in Destiny 2 Season 23.

General Weapon Archetype Changes

Let’s start with the most significant changes, which are tied to the weapon types themselves. We’ve gathered the following important changes:

Developers still want to balance other Primary weapons with SMGs and are listening to player requests to address the weakness of Glaives in PvE and the overpowered bows in PvP. Let’s see what other changes await us in the mid-season and TFS, but all this sounds very promising!

Exotic Changes

Of course, we shouldn’t forget about Exotics, many of which need improvements. Bungie has just talked about enhancements to Exotic Glaives, Thorn, and a bit about Necrochasm. Here are the details:

What to Expect in the Future

Clearly, these are not the last weapon changes, and Bungie is already teasing that more gun tunings for Checkmate and more changes in TFS are coming. Most likely, players can expect even more buffs to weak Exotics, particularly MIDA Multi-Tool, Symmetry, and Bad Juju. In our opinion, buffing Pulse Rifles will do little to help this weapon archetype, so we should expect even more considerable damage improvements.

What do you want to see in the future from Bungie? What Exotic would you like to see upgraded, or perhaps you wish the D2 developers would pay attention to something else? Be sure to tell us about it in the comments! We would be very interested to discuss this with you.

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