Complete Guide on Destiny 2 Dawning 2023 with Useful Tips

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The Destiny 2 Dawning 2023 is finally here, and it is to celebrate the upcoming holidays to the fullest!

Destiny 2 Dawning 2023

Key Takeaways:

  • The Dawning is a Christmas festival where Guardians give each other gifts and have snowball fights for fun!
  • The Dawning 2023 will start on December 12th and end on January 2nd.
  • In addition to guides on the main Dawning materials, you can find all the helpful information about weapons, recommended perks, and more!
  • You can also check out all the new Dawning cosmetics and find out what challenges you have to complete to get loot and seal.

Everyone in the Destiny 2 community loves celebrating The Dawning event, as there is nothing better than throwing snowballs at enemies and giving gifts to everyone. The annual tradition continues this year, and we’ll continue to enjoy this light-hearted Event. Not all newcomers understand what this occasion is about, and not all veterans know what to expect from it in 2023, so we have gathered all the information about the Dawning event at Destiny.

Sit by the fireplace, pour some cocoa, and let’s begin!

What is Destiny 2 Dawning 2023?

As always, the local Event is dedicated to the upcoming occasion, namely Christmas. The Dawning in the Destiny 2 universe is a joyful holiday where Guardians have fun, throw giant snowballs at each other and enemies, give gifts to friends, and prepare various treats!

Dawning 2023 Weapons
(Source: Bungie)

During the Event, you can engage in all the usual activities of Destiny 2, collecting ingredients from different places and defeating enemies with powerful Stasis Snowballs. Once you have gathered everything you need, check your Eva’s Holiday Oven in the inventory to make a gift and deliver it to your friends!

When Does The Dawning Start 2023?

The Dawning event starts on December 12 at 12:00 P.M. (EST) or 6:00 P.M. (CET).

When Does The Dawning End 2023?

The Destiny 2 holiday event ends on January 2 at 12:00 P.M. (EST) or 6:00 P.M. (CET). You have exactly three weeks to prepare all the gifts!

How to Start the Dawning Event?

To start the Dawning event, fly to the Tower to speak with Eva Levante. She will grant you her oven (it is in your quest tab) and materials to bake Gjallardoodles for Zavala. Once you completed everything, give the present to Zavala, collect challenge rewards, and comeback to Eva to get the next quest!

How to get the Dawning Ingredients in Destiny 2?

All ingredients are obtained through gameplay. Exploding players gives you Delicious Explosion, destroying the Fallen gives you Ether Cane, and so on. Below we’ll describe each method of obtaining the ingredient point by point:

Every gift requires preparation, so it’s important to collect the Destiny 2 Dawning Ingredients. We have compiled a convenient table where we listed all the gifts and the necessary ingredients for them:

The GiftRecipientIngridients
GjallardoodlesZavalaEther Cane, Delicious Explosion
Traveler Donut HolesIkora ReyCabal Oil, Flash of Inspiration
Telemetry TapiocaGunsmithVex Milk, Bullet Spray
Eliksni BirdseedHawthorneEther Cane, Personal Touch
Gentleman’s ShortbreadDevrimEther Cane, Perfect Taste
Infinite Forest Cake FailsafeVex Milk, Impossible Heat
Ascendant Oatmeal Raisin CookiesEris MornChitin Powder, Finishing Touch
Vanilla BladesShaxxCabal Oil, Sharp Flavor
Dark Chocolate MotesDrifterTaken Butter, Null Taste
Bright-Dusted SnowballsTess EverisChitin Powder, Multifaceted Flavors
Ill-Fortune CookiesPetra VenjDark Ether Cane, Impossible Heat
Strange CookiesXurTaken Butter, Electric Flavor
Lavender Ribbon CookiesSaint-14Vex Milk, Personal Touch
Classic Butter CookiesEvaTaken Butter, Superb Texture
Eteric ColdsnapsVariksChitin Powder, Electric Flavor
Blueberry CrumblersShaw-HanEther Cane, Bullet Spray
Bittersweet BiscottiCrowDark Ether Cane, Balanced Flavors
Timeless Starwort ThinsElsie BrayDark Ether Cane, Dark Frosting
Candy Dead GhostsSpiderDark Ether Cane, Flash of Inspiration
Hot Crossfire BunsAda-1Ether Cane, Balanced Flavors
Lucent CrunchFynchChitin Powder, Perfect Taste

Remember that every recipe require 15 Essence of Dawning, which you get from completing activities too.

How to get the Dawning Spirit in Destiny 2?

As usual, unique material is collected by completing Event Card Challenges, activating Boons of Friendship, Bounties, and bringing gifts to your fellow Guardians! Just, don’t forget to equip Starfarer 7M ship to have a chance to earn this currency from obtaining materials or ingridients.

Dawning 2023 Guide
(Source: Bungie)

Now that we’ve figured out how to get this currency, what is it spent on? Primarily, it is spent on Event Upgrades. They are divided into two types: Loot Upgrades (35 Dawning Spirit) and Snowball Upgrades (20 Dawning Spirit). We recommend prioritizing Loot Upgrades, as they will unlock Focusing, as well as additional perks on Dawning Weapons. Speaking of Weapon Focusing, you will also need 25 Dawning Spirit for it.

How to get A Gift in Return in Destiny 2 Dawning?

A Gift in Return box drops with a certain chance when you prepare treats for your friends and give them away. If you are lucky, you’ll get A Gift in Return, and you’ll be able to receive the Dawning Loot or upgrade materials immediately!

Just remember that there is only a chance of receiving it. There is no specific character who would give them out guaranteed.

How to get Dawning Memento in Destiny 2?

The last Event introduced us to a new black Memento. This time, you’ll be able to get a Memento that makes your weapon downright icy!

(Source: Destructoid)

To acquire the Dawning memento, you have to complete Winter Night quest from Eva (75 Snowball Final Blows, 25 Upgraded Snowball Final Blows, and bake Classic Butter Cookie). This is necessary so that you can earn it from opening A Gift in Return.

The Dawning Weapons: Overview

The Destiny 2 Christmas event this year intrigues us with its high-quality and valuable weapons, which can be used in different situations.

Albedo Wing, Glaive


This time, the newest weapon in The Dawning is an Arc Aggressive Glaive called Albedo Wing. Although it does not match the best Glaives, it is still quite good and has unique perk combinations. Albedo Wing is the first to feature a Grave Robber and Close to Melee combo, which will fit perfectly with Melee Builds. This Glaive also has Beacon Rounds, which provides Projectiles Tracking after a Final Blow. It’s pretty interesting but not too useful in PvE.

Avalanche, Machine Gun

Avalanche God Roll

Avalanche is returning to us for the third year in a row, and the perks get better each time. In the 3rd column, you may find the best perks for Machine Guns, suitable for any PvE Content. In the 4th column, each perk is excellent and exciting in its own way. As an example, if you play on a Solar Subclass, then Incandescent is a must-have choice, while in Grenade Builds, Adrenaline Junkie would be a good choice. If you want to farm something in The Dawning, then Avalanche will be an ideal option and easily one of the best weapons in the Destiny 2 Dawning event.

Glacioclasm, Fusion Rifle

Glacioclasm is considered one of the best High-Impact Fusion Rifles for a reason. It has excellent Stats and good Perks but a considerable downside. Glacioclasm is available only three weeks a year, so it’s not very popular.

There are two types of rolls for PvE: DPS or Ad-Clear. If you want a high-damage Fusion, then Overflow + Controlled Burst will be a great option. Otherwise, Reservoir Burst and Subsistence will be more to your liking. However, the best demonstration of this weapon is in Crucible, where it offers both the classic combo of Under Pressure and High-Impact Reserves, as well as more interesting perks to use at aggressive gameplay in PvP.

Cold Front, Submachine Gun

Cold Front Godroll

Cold Front does not particularly stand out with either its Stats or Perks, although it is a decent choice for new players. Rewind Rounds and Subsistence will help you with the small magazine capacity, while Frenzy and One for All significantly improve the damage dealt.

Stay Frosty, Pulse Rifle

Stay Frosty is a poor Pulse Rifle to use in any gamemode that lacks many good Perks and better archetype. Even for Stasis Build, we cannot recommend it to you, as there is a craftable Syncopation-53 in the game, which will be better in everything. In PvP, Stay Frosty also performs really bad, especially compared to Chattering Bone or Battle Scar.

Zephyr, Sword

Zephyr Godroll

Zephyr is worth your attention at D2 Dawning 2023 simply because it is the only Stasis Sword in the game. Its uniqueness doesn’t end there, as the Cold Steel perk can only be found on this sword. The essence of it is that your Sword Attacks apply Slow Stacks to the enemy. Because of this, you are able to constantly freeze your enemies or stun Champions, which will also be quite valuable.

The Dawning Event Card and Title

Once again, we have a new Event card, which grants various rewards for completing its challenges. You will receive The Dawning Seal if you meet all the tasks, so you should take care of this. This time, the following challenges are presented:

After finishing all these challenges, you may purchase Event Card with Silver to earn one of the new Destiny 2 Dawning Packages containing: Ornamental Shell, Slippery Patch Emotion, Festive Entrance Transmat Effect, Tundra Guide Ghost Projection, Angelic Wings Exotic Emotion, Frostflower Exotic Sparrow, and Dawning Elan Exclusive Shader.

Season of the Wish leaks: The Dawning

Do not forget about The Dawning Glided Seal Triumphs, as they are important for some to complete:

Cosmetic Items in The Dawning 2023: Armor Sets, Finisher, Sparrow, and more

And now, let’s take a look at what items you can get. As always, the assortment is rich, and you can buy whatever you want.

Let’s start with The Dawning 2023 Armor, as this year it is incredibly beautiful. The general theme of the armor revolves around fitting leather armor with feathers of winter birds, and the Hunter directly resembles a Polar Owl!

Dawning Armor 2023

Of course, armor from previous years is also available. Each has a different theme, but they all have a lovely winter look, and you are able to see them below:

Now let’s quickly go through the other new items that will be available for purchase at Eververse for Silver or Bright Dust during the three weeks:

Icy Elegance and Cygnus Shell:

Divine Messenger and Supercool Moto Sparrow:

Filigree Rover and Icechime Ship:

Final Words

That’s all you need to know about the Dawning in Destiny 2! This incredibly charming Event might win your heart and simply let you have a good time farming in Destiny 2. It’s an even more unforgettable experience in the company of buddies, so don’t forget to invite them to join you!

If you don’t have time for this but want to collect the necessary loot or complete the seal, don’t forget to use Destiny 2 Dawning Services. Your order will be completed in the shortest possible time with a reliable guarantee!

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