Bungie shared details about Destiny 2 Episodes

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Fans are delighted with the newest Destiny 2 Episodes, which Bungie showed today.

In a new video, the Destiny 2 developers discussed the three upcoming Episodes of The Final Shape and teased something for the game’s year 11. Bungie described how the world had changed after the victory over the Witness in the recent Salvation’s Edge raid. Bungie also shared a ton of exciting concept art and works in process.

Destiny 2 Episode: Echoes

Each Episode will have a specific theme and reveal part of the story, most likely leading us to that mysterious announcement of year 11. In our article, you can read about Episode Echoes, including its gameplay, loot, and other details. The first Episode: Echoes starts on June 11 and will last approximately four months, including three Acts. Each Episode will, of course, include themed weapon and armor sets.

Destiny 2 Episode: Revenant

The next Episode featured in The Journey Ahead video is Revenant. Bungie revealed that this Episode will focus on the Fallen, with themes inspired by dark fantasy and horror movies. The player will take on the role of a Monster hunter, and the main villain in Revenant will be Fikrul. The Revenant’s plot will focus on Fikrul, who got the Echo and revived his Army of Darkness.

The main feature of Revenant will be the new mechanic Potion Crafting, which will allow players to boost their artifact or directly influence the loot drop.

Destiny 2 Episode: Heresy

Last but not least, this Episode will return players to the Hive Pantheon story. Old fans will undoubtedly be happy to return to the Dreadnought spaceship, introduced in Destiny’s The Taken King DLC. Heresy will tell about some eldritch force and how it will affect the relationships within the Hive Pantheon.

Destiny 2 Codename: Frontiers

Undoubtedly, the icing on the cake is the announcement of the mysterious Codename: Frontiers, prepared for the year 11. At the moment, nothing is known about this, so players are guessing. Some think that Codename: Frontiers will be a new saga after the end of The Final Shape, and some believe that it will be a game-changing DLC.


Bungie has really been making us happy with Destiny 2 content lately. Are you excited about this announcement? Share in the comments which Episode from the year 10 Destiny 2 roadmap you are looking forward to the most!

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