Best Destiny 2 Weapons List for Raids

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The Raids in Destiny 2 is one of the most exciting activities in the game, offering a real challenge and an unforgettable team-play experience. Players must prepare nicely for them and develop fundamental strategies for their passage. Going into them empty-handed is a terrible idea, and the new Root of Nightmares Raid is coming soon. What should you do in such a situation?!

We have solved this problem by compiling an ultimate weapons list you should have in your inventory during any raid. They will come in handy in various situations, whether for DPS, clearing mobs, finishing puzzles, and more. Each of them will be very useful to you, and no one is blocking your access to the inventory. So, sit back and fire up Destiny 2 as it’s time to get your hands on the best Destiny 2 Raid weapons!


First, we’ll talk about legendary weapons because you can’t take exotic guns for all three slots. You’ll need to remove powerful enemies and help in the DPS phases. For example, you can get Succession, a Legendary Sniper Rifle. It has an outstanding Impact and Range, and with the Vorpal perk, you will deal even more boss damage.

Succession is an excellent choice, especially when combined with Gjallarhorn or Grenade Launcher with Cascade Point. And if suddenly, you run out of Heavy ammo, this weapon will help you continue dealing high damage to bosses. Additionally, you can craft this item yourself, and it is a noteworthy advantage that shouldn’t be overlooked.


Do you need a weapon in the second slot which will easily help clear out a crowd of mobs? Then Forbearance is the perfect option, as you can create Ambitious Assassin and Chain Reaction perk combos to incinerate enemies in seconds. And judging by the rumors, it will be the best weapon for the new Destiny 2 Raid.

This grenade launcher is not as good against bosses or Powerful enemies, but for clearing combatants , there is nothing better than it. Like the previous weapons, this grenade launcher is also craftable. So, you can put in better perks and maximize all of its stats.


Guardians spent many days or even weeks trying to get the Wendigo GL3 godroll. But at some point, Bungie just released a crafted Heavy Grenade Launcher with same perks. Given their 20% buff, Regnant has a considerable chance of becoming a meta for a very long time.

Enhanced Explosive Light increases the damage of your seven grenades. The Auto-Loading Holster makes using other weapons like Izanagi’s Burden easy. All in all, don’t be surprised if you often see Regnant in top Raid weapons for Destiny 2.


This Rocket Launcher was unobtainable for almost a year. Nevertheless, with Lightfall, Legacy Focusing was added to the game, simplifying the farming process. Considering that Adaptive Frame is the best archetype at the moment of Season of Defiance, it’s unsurprising that The Hothead made it to our list. Also, the number of excellent perks for any style of play makes this Rocket Launcher even better.


Unfortunately, Linear Fusion Rifle got a nerf. We know, we know, it’s a sad situation. But this weapon still performs well due to Bait and Switch, which increases damage by 35%. Thanks to this, Cataclysmic is still a great option for DPS Phases in Raids and can be very useful in Root of Nightmares. You can craft it and, just in case, use it as an ideal backup plan.


The ultimate choice for any activity and one of the best Destiny 2 weapons for Raids. Witherhoard is very powerful; its explosions leave a passive damage circle, debuffs combatants, and is helpful in both PvE and PvP. Specifically, in Raids, it’s suitable for defeating any enemy type and great for passive damage to bosses. It would be best to get this Grenade Launcher and keep it in your inventory at all times. Should you find yourself in a challenging situation while playing Destiny 2, this gun will undoubtedly prove to be a valuable asset in overcoming it.


The fantastical Sniper Rifle still hasn’t gone out of fashion and is still sitting at the top of the Destiny 2 Raid weapons meta. It continues to help the Guardians in DPS Phases in the first slot and has one of the highest damage in the game. In addition, Izanagi’s Perk increases damage after four hits on a foe, which is ideal for destroying stationary bosses.


After introducing the Catalyst, which gives this Sniper Rifle Triple Tap, the weapon has been getting a lot of attention, and for a good reason. The exotic perk allows you to generate a lightning bolt for precision final blows or Rapid precision hits. Because of this, Cloudstrike outperforms other Rapid-Fire Frame Sniper Rifles with ease.


It’s hard to find someone who plays Destiny and doesn’t know about Gjallarhorn. More than a year ago, Bungie decided to please their fans, and said Rocket Launcher appeared in the second part of our favorite game. Since then, even after a few nerfs, this weapon is still in the meta. And because of the Pack Hunter perk, any non-Exotic Rocket Launcher just seems like a Gjallarhorn replica. It deserves to be the best Raid gun in Destiny 2.


You can’t immediately remember how many times Bungie buffed this Machine Gun. And yet, after so much time, Grand Overture can now be considered a meta. Although normal shots may seem weak, once you fully charge the alt fire and activate it, you will completely change your mind. A powerful volley of 20 rockets fired in one second can impress anyone, even more so bosses. So, we can finally see Grand Overture at the S-tier in some Destiny 2 Raid weapons tier lists.

Now you know all the weapons you need to complete the Raids. With every Legendary and Exotic on this list, you will become a favorite teammate in the eyes of others. The choice of class is always up to you, but if you are interested in Strand builds, we have released three articles on Warlock, Titan, and Hunter. Want to get every weapon on this list right away? Well, you’re in luck. You can now buy these Destiny 2 weapons and prepare for the Root of Nightmares. No farming on your part, only assistance from our professionals!

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