Best Vanguard Weapons Destiny 2: Weapons to Focus at Zavala

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Learn about the best Vanguard weapons Destiny 2 has to offer!

Best Vanguard Weapons Destiny 2

Key Takeaways:

  • This article is about the best Vanguard guns, which include Nightfall, Strike, Legacy weapons.
  • We analyze in detail where and how each weapon can be used in PvE or even PvP, and also clarify the best rolls to obtain.

Destiny 2 has a vast array of weapons, which can be overwhelming for many players. It can be challenging to determine which weapons are good and which are bad, especially in Vanguard, where there is an extensive selection of weapons ranging from Nightfall to Legacy. We have decided to delve into this topic to help answer the question of which Vanguard weapons are worth obtaining. So, grab a cup of tea, sit back, and launch Destiny 2 — it’s time to visit Zavala and get Destiny 2 Vanguard weapons!

Best Nightfall Weapons

Let’s start with the guns, the Adept versions of which can be obtained right in this season. You can use our Nightfall weapons this week tool if you still don’t know when they will be available for acquisition.

Warden’s Law, Hand Cannon

Warden's Law

Many Guardians make Warden’s Law a part of the greatest Destiny 2 nightfall weapons and they are not wrong.

With the return of the beloved Warden’s Law to the game, a new Archetype was added: Heavy Burst Hand Cannons. Unlike regular HCs, they fire two bullets simultaneously, making them more similar to 2-burst Pulse Rifles or Crimson. With the right perks, such as Fourth Time’s the Charm and Vorpal Weapon, Warden’s Law can easily outperform Malfeasance in boss damage, which is ideal for Hunters with Lucky Pants. For boss damage, Enlightened Action with Frenzy or Rampage for bonus damage and reload speed is better.

In PvP, Warden’s Law is extremely effective but, at the same time, difficult to use. You will face a pretty strong recoil, so perks like Perpetual Motion and Zen Moment, improving recoil and stability, are a priority. If you have been playing with this Hand Cannon for a long time and can easily land all shots from it, then confidently use Kill Clip, as it allows 2-tap any Guardian.

Loaded Question, Fusion Rifle

Vanguard Weapons - Loaded Question

Loaded Question is a unique weapon that can be used for both DPS and Ad-clear purposes despite being classified as a Special Weapon. If you’re looking for a gun for DPS, then the Controlled Burst perk is the way to go. On the other hand, if you’re interested in Ad-clear, the Reservoir Burst perk is the better choice. Since both perks depend on your magazine size, you need to increase it in some way. To do this, you can choose between Envious Assassin, which is helpful if you frequently kill with other guns, or Overflow, triggered by simply picking up any ammo.

In PvP, among High-Impact Fusion Rifles, Glacioclasm is an obvious favorite. However, it can only be obtained during Dawning. Fortunately, Loaded Question can easily replace it due to its perks and stats. Under Pressure has long been recognized as the best perk for Fusion Rifles due to its simplicity in activation. Also, Eye of the Storm will almost always activate due to the long charge time. So, just don’t forget about Adept Mods, which will help make Loaded Question more pleasant to use.

Best Vanguard Weapons

Now let’s talk about Guns, which can drop from completing any Strikes and can also be focused at Zavala. These Strike weapons in Destiny 2 can amaze you!

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Prolonged Engagement, Submachine Gun

Prolonged Engagement

Everyone has heard about Funnelweb, the Void SMG that is still popular. Did you know that there is a Stasis analog of this gun, which is one of the best Destiny 2 Zavala weapons? If not, then meet Prolonged Engagement! If you need a Submachine Gun for any Subclass, then Frenzy or One for All are good perks for obtaining bonus damage. However, if you are looking to upgrade your loadout for Stasis Builds, your favorite will be Headstone, which synergizes well with Fragments and Aspects.

Fortissimo-11, Shotgun


It’s no secret that many players don’t go on raids, thus missing out on many good guns. Fortunately, this does not apply to Fortissimo-11, a Kinetic Slug Shotgun with beautiful perks. Some players even call it one of the best Vanguard weapons Destiny 2 2024.

Some combinations can make Fortissimo even better than Heritage. For example, Fourth Time’s the Charm and Surrounded combo. Not only do you get two rounds in your magazine from every four Precision Hits, but you are able to get a 40% bonus damage if surrounded by three enemies. This combination may not be suitable for all situations, so we advise you to pay attention to other perks as well.

Empty Vessel, Grenade Launcher

Empty Wessel

Special Grenade Launchers are quite versatile in use. You can use Disorienting Grenades for Endgame content to blind your enemies and safely eliminate them, or use Spike Grenades for good single-target damage. Either way, Empty Vessel is one of the Destiny Strike exclusive weapons and it has everything to be one of the best representatives of this type of weapon. For more comfortable use, we recommend Auto-Loading Holster, as it automatically reloads this GL in the holster.

Strident Whistle, Bow

Strident Whistle

Although Pre Astyanax IV is currently dropping in Nightfall, getting Godroll is quite difficult. As an alternative, we suggest considering its equivalent, Strident Whistle, which is a part of Destiny Strike specific weapons. We recommend looking for an Incandescent perk for Solar Builds, as it complements the entire subclass. Otherwise, Successful Warm-Up works well for Ad-clear, or Explosive Head for passive damage increase. In PvP, this bow is also a good choice, but it’s easier to craft Under Your Skin with the same perks.

Best Legacy Vanguard Weapons

In addition to the available Vanguard and Nightfall guns, there are also Legacy weapons, which are temporarily no longer in rotation. Not all of them are relevant now, but some are still very good, and now we will show the best Legacy weapons in Destiny 2!

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Plug One.1, Fusion Rifle

Plug One

Fusion Rifles are considered one of the strongest and easiest-to-use weapons for PvP, and Plug One.1 is one of the best representatives of Precision Frame due to its excellent stats. In the 3rd column, you will hardly find a better perk than Under Pressure, as it increases your Stability and Accuracy if the magazine is less than half full (which happens almost always in PvP). In the 4th column, Successful Warm-Up is suitable for killstreaks in 6v6 playlists, while Kickstart will be a more reliable choice in 3v3.

Hung Jury SR4, Scout Rifle

Best Legacy Weapons Destiny 2

Do you love shooting at long distances in PvP or PvE? Then you definitely know about Hung Jury SR4, one of the best Scout Rifles in our Vanguard weapons Destiny list. If you are looking for a weapon for GMs, then Shoot to Loot with Kinetic Tremors will definitely satisfy you. Every six hits on a target, you will cause three shockwaves, dealing a decent amount of damage and collecting all Ammo and Orbs around. Classic Rapid Hit and Frenzy combo also fit perfectly into this weapon, as bonus reload speed and damage will never be superfluous.

Believe it or not, but in PvP, Hung Jury SR4 can kill faster than Immortal or other SMGs. How so, you ask? It’s all about one perk: Box Breathing. If you aim from this Scout Rifle for 1.5 seconds, your next shot will deal 50% more damage. Because of this, Hung Jury SR4 can 3-tap any Guardian, making it the best Scout Rifle for PvP.

The Last Dance, Sidearm

The Last Dance

Finally, let’s talk about two Sidearms that are worth your attention from this Destiny 2 best Legacy weapons list. The old The Last Dance is the first in line, which has not lost its relevance in PvP after many years. There are plenty of good perks, but two of them cover all other alternatives. First of all, pay attention to Tap the Trigger, as due to its specificity of work, it will be active almost always, giving you improved Stability and Accuracy. Although the Aim Assistance of this Sidearm is already relatively high, it can be made even higher thanks to the perk Moving Target.

Buzzard, Sidearm

Buzzard Vanguard Weapon

Buzzard, unlike the previous Sidearm, has perks for PvE as well and in Season 23 it became a part of Legacy weapons in Destiny 2. Most interesting, of course, is Kinetic Tremors, which creates three Shockwaves at the enemy’s location with a couple of shots. However, if you are not a fan of this perk, then Frenzy will be no worse, especially in easier content.

It’s no surprise that Buzzard is popular in PvP, as it shares the same archetype as Drang. In the third column, you have a choice between two perks: Perpetual Motion, which provides bonus stability, handling, and reload speed while you’re moving, and Encore, which grants bonus range and stability for final blows. In the fourth column, we recommend Rangefinder, which was previously a favorite, has been nerfed and is no longer as effective. However, it can still help you take down enemies from a greater distance, and it is one of those Destiny 2 Legacy weapons worth keeping.

Final Words on Best Vanguard Weapons

That’s all for this guide. If you’re looking to obtain these weapons quickly, we offer services like the Vanguard Weapons Boost. This will allow you to save time and focus on more enjoyable activities while also improving your weaponry. 

Additionally, you may find other helpful articles about guns by checking out our recent publications. We wrote about the best Monument to the Lost Light Exotics and the top Season of the Wish weapons, which you should consider farming. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment and ask us.

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