Best Season of the Wish Weapons: Top 10 Wish Guns

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It’s time to choose the best Season of the Wish weapons that you must absolutely get this Season.

Best Season of the Wish Weapons

Key Takeaways:

  • Our top list includes the best weapons that appeared this season.
  • The best gun on the list is Doomed Petitioner with a Precision Instrument perk for DPS.
  • If you need a PvP gun, then you might be interested in the Breakneck, which can have 100 Range and Stability, plus 100 Recoil Direction.

The new Season has finally arrived, and Bungie decided to produce a huge number of great guns, making it hard to pick. However, after extensive analysis and evaluation, we have created a detailed guide on the top Season of the Wish weapons that you should definitely get your hands on. So, sit back, relax, and let us take you through each weapon’s outstanding features, making it easier for you to select the perfect ones that may align with your gameplay style. Let’s dive in and start our farming journey!

Attention! We will include those guns that were updated or appeared with Season 23. If you want to know the best weapons in the game, then, for example, we recommend reading the best PvE weapons in Destiny 2!

Vouchsafe, Scout Rifle

Vouchsade God Roll

Once the best Void Scout Rifle, it has managed to become even better, receiving perks that synergize with Void 3.0. Of course, we’re talking about Vouchsafe, which now can drop with Repulsor Brace and Destabilizing Rounds. Who wouldn’t want to make all enemies Volatile and get a Void Overshield while being at a distance from the enemy? At the same time, the classic combo of Rapid Hit and Explosive Payload is still available, so you can farm your favorite roll without worry.

Subjunctive, Submachine Gun


Are you looking for a replacement for Ikelos_SMG? Then we’re happy to inform you that it’s finally here! Meet Subjunctive, a 900 RPM SMG from Season of Undying. Although it can’t outperform Ikelos in PvP, it’s capable of doing so in PvE. As befits a good Arc Weapon, you’ll find the community’s favorite Voltshot on it. However, if you’re tired of this perk, Golden Tricorn or One for All can always replace it, as Subjunctive is craftable. Among the Destiny 2 Season of the Wish best weapons, Subjunctive deservedly made it onto the list!

Belisarius-D, Pulse Rifle


Bungie introduces a new gun to the Competitive Playlist every two seasons. This time, it’s a Strand 4-burst Pulse Rifle, which is one of the best weapons in Season of the Wish. While not everyone may be a fan of this archetype, the gun’s stats and perks can easily convince you otherwise. In PvE, there’s only three perks worth your time, which are Rapid Hit, Slice, and Hatchling. However, in Crucible playlist, there is a broader range of options to choose from, like the Headseeker with Zen Moment in the fourth column.

Undercurrent, Grenade Launcher

Undercurrent God Roll

Outperforming Forbearance in terms of perks is a challenging task, so Undercurrent took a different path. Instead, it offers perks that aren’t on Forbearance but are equally powerful. As an example, we finally got a Wave Frame GL with Voltshot, which has been absent for one and a half years. The third column won’t disappoint you either. Demolitionist is an excellent perk to have in Grenade Builds, helping you recover grenades in seconds. If you’re not a fan of such Builds, Ambitious Assassin or Lead from Gold are also good options.

Scatter Signal, Fusion Rifle

Scatter Signal

After so many different Strand Fusion Rifles, we finally got a Rapid Fire Archetype, which is also craftable. However, despite this, there’s little variety in perks. There’s the excellent combo of Overflow and Controlled Burst, great for DPS, but it’s not enough to make it the best seasonal weapon.

Appetence, Trace Rifle

Appetence God Roll

So, Appetence is a part of the best Season of the Wish weapons to craft, and you should get it now. You wonder why? After two years, we finally got a Trace Rifle in the first slot, and it comes with great perks! Appetence has combinations for Stasis Builds, like Demolitionist with Headstone, and others that fit anywhere. Overflow and Clown Cartridge will make your magazine even bigger, while Killing Tally and One for All will make Appetence even more potent in terms of damage.

Supercluster, Shotgun


One of the most exciting and best Season of the Wish weapons to focus for every Guardian is Supercluster, a Strand Slug Shotgun. It’s not just about its beautiful model, but its perks. If you want to quickly deal massive damage to a single target while saving ammo, Fourth Time’s the Charm with Cascade Point will help you. However, if you need to deal a bigger total damage, Vorpal Weapon or Surrounded are preferable choices. Surprisingly, Supercluster is also impressive in PvP, as achieving 100 Range and Handling is too easy.

Breakneck, Auto Rifle

Breackneck Godroll

Here comes an Auto Rifle, which can change the Crucible meta by becoming one of the best PvP Weapons in Season of the Wish!

Breakneck takes the honorable third place, returning to Gambit with very interesting perk combinations for all modes. Along with it, Onslaught has returned, now reworked and working much better. In PvE, Onslaught and Kinetic Tremors are primarily interesting as they directly increase the DPS of this weapon, which is never superfluous. In PvP, things are much more intriguing. Using Keep Away and Tap the Trigger, you can achieve nearly 100 Range and Stability, plus 100 Recoil Direction. If you thought the era of Auto Rifle was over, you are deeply mistaken.

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Crux Termination IV, Rocket Launcher

Crux Termination

Who would have thought a World Drop gun would be one of the most interesting and one of the best PvE weapons in Season of the Wish? Crux Termination IV has almost all the best perks for Rocket Launchers, so you’ll often have a hard time choosing. However, this weapon has one perk that stands out the most: Slideshot. It appears for the first time on Rocket Launchers, making Crux Termination IV’s value skyrocket. Why is this perk special? You are able to reload your Rocket while sliding, with no continuous cooldown. If you don’t have Apex Predator or Cold Comfort, then you must get Crux Termination IV.

Doomed Petitioner, Linear Fusion Rifle

Doomed Petitioner

In our opinion, the best Season of the Wish gun is Doomed Petitioner, a 3-burst Linear Fusion Rifle. Besides being craftable and having good perks in the third column, it has Precision Instrument. Due to the firing specifics of this weapon, you get a 30% damage bonus for hitting just two shots. Of course, you need Enhanced Precision Instrument, but it’s definitely worth it.

Final Words

As you can see, all of these best Destiny 2 Season 23 weapons are very good and have every chance of becoming the current meta’s part. Although this is a ranking list, we recommend getting each of these guns because they can help in a variety of situations, whether needed in the activity itself or for your new build. Are these guns not enough for you? Well, then, we recommend that you look at the best Lost Sector weapons because there is a lot of loot there that you can pay attention to!

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