Best Scout Rifles in Destiny 2 Lightfall: Guide & Rankings

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It’s always beneficial to have a long-range weapon that’s both enjoyable to use and requires minimal effort in your arsenal. That is why there are Scout Rifles, which, as reliable helpers, will keep you at a safe distance from enemies.

Best Scout Rifles in Destiny 2

In this article, you will learn what these weapons are capable of in this looter shooter, which are the best Scout Rifles in Destiny 2 Lightfall, where to get them, and what perks are preferable. Get yourself some tea or coffee, take out a notebook, and we’ll begin.

Scout Rifle Guide

In Destiny 2, Scout Rifles serve as a long-range support weapon in both PvE and PvP. These guns have become more relevant with a recent buff, and with some perks, their damage is now more formidable than ever. Nevertheless, they are useless at close range, unsuitable for clearing, and deal less harm than other primary weapons. However, the high Range compensates for the problem, making GM Nightfalls and Lost Sectors much easier to complete with a good Scout Rifle loadout for Destiny 2 Lightfall.

Like other weapon types, Scout Rifles have different archetypes that significantly change the Range, Damage, and Rate of Fire. For now, you need to consider the following frames:

The highest DPS in PvE among all five is obviously Rapid-Frame, while the worst one is Aggressive Frame. 150 RPM is best for annihilating Guardians, and The Jade Rabbit and Transfiguration are the best examples of this, causing them to be in our Top Scout Rifles in Destiny 2 Lightfall. Most 200 RPM and 180 RPM are fine too, but you’ll only find out more about them in the lists below.

Best PvE Scout Rifle

Despite their incredible popularity in other modes, these weapons are no less compelling in PvE. Sometimes they can help you out even with the most challenging content.

Polaris Lance

How To Get It: Monument to the Lost Light

Polaris Lance Guide

With the recent buff, Polaris Lance has become one of the main weapons for Solar builds in PvE, making it a highly recommended Scout Rifle. Every fifth precision shot on an enemy currently imposes a scorch debuff by 40 on them. That means you can make them Ignited now, which is incredibly important for Warlock, Titan, and Hunter builds. Besides, this weapon has a wonderful Exotic perk, which returns bullets to the magazine for each precision hit. Definitely one of the best Exotic Scout Rifles in Destiny 2 Lightfall!

Hung Jury SR4  

Best Perks: Arrowhead Brake, Tactical Mag/Flared Magwell, Rapid hit/Shoot to Loot, Kinetic Tremor/Frenzy/Firefly

How to Get It: Nightfalls

Hung Jury SR4 Guide

The much-loved Hung Jury SR4 didn’t miss a chance to visit our list and surprise you with a huge variety of perks. You’ll have to farm this Scout Rifle in Nightfalls, and with a good roll, it will help you out more than you can think. Rapid Hit and Kinetic Tremor might be the best combo because quick crit hits will increase your Reload Speed and stability while creating Shockwaves, dealing massive harm to crowds of combatants.

Of the other recommended perks:

You can easily combine presented perks, which is why experimenting with the Hung Jury SR4 is a pleasure and makes it one of the best PvE Scout Rifles in Destiny 2 Lightfall.

Nameless Midnight 

Best Perks: Arrowhead Brake, Tactical Mag/Flared Magwell, Keep Away, Kinetic Tremor/Explosive Payload/Frenzy

How To Get It: Vanguard Playlists

Nameless Midnight Guide

If you thought Hung Jury has already had a lot of many perks, then brace yourself for Nameless Midnight, as it has even more in store for you. While its performance is a bit lacking compared to the former, this is more than a worthy replacement. Keep Away helps you avoid enemies as it only activates when you are away from them, granting improved Range, Reload Speed, and Accuracy. In the fourth column, you are unfamiliar with only Explosive Payload, which boosts damage by 15%.

Doom of Chelchis

Best Perks: Arrowhead Brake, Tactical Mag/Flared Magwell, Explosive Payload/Firefly, Frenzy/Dragonfly

How To Get It: King’s Fall Raid

Doom of Chelchis Guide

Once again, King’s Fall doesn’t disappoint with its guns, bringing some of the best-ranged weapons in Destiny 2. And you’ll find Doom of Chelchis in any fan of this weapon type because it’s the Destiny 2 Lightfall Scout Rifle meta. You can craft it, and therefore it’ll be easier to make an ingenious godroll:

Tarnished Mettle 

Best Perks: Arrowhead Brake, Tactical Mag/Flared Magwell, Demolitionist/Rapid hit/Shoot to Loot, Explosive Payload/Voltshot

How To Get It: Xur or Banshee-44

Tarnished Mettle Guide

Tarnished Mettle is less relevant when it comes to legendary Scout Rifles in Destiny 2 Lightfall due to the difficulty of farming red borders. However, it is easy to get from Xur and Banshee-44, who frequently bring godrolls. The weapon itself has a lot of good perks, especially in the third column where there is Demolitionist (Defeated enemy = +10% grenade energy), Rapid Hit (precision hits = better reload and stability), and Shoot to loot (shoot the ammo brick = ammo back). In the fourth column, there is a familiar Explosive Payload that increases the damage, and Voltshot gives a jolt-bullet after destroying a foe. If you want a quick regen for your grenade, the Demolitionist and Voltshot combo is perfect.

Best PvP Scout Rifles

We can’t have Scout Rifles ranked in Destiny 2 Lightfall, but we can name the best in their weapon type. The next five guns are exactly that!

Dead Man’s Tale

Best Perks: Smallbore, Ricochet Rounds, Moving Target/Vorpal Weapon, Composite Stock

How To Get It: Xur

Dead Man's Tale Guide

In the brutal wild west, there is nothing better than an excellent rifle to make headshots pleasurable. For such hits, you will improve the Range and Target Acquisition with Dead Man’s Tale. But if you want to feel like a real cowboy, then you must complete Catalyst. It will improve your hipfire by removing the penalty and a better fire rate. Even after a huge amount of nerfs and buffs, this Scout Rifle still performs well in PvP.

The Jade Rabbit

How To Get It: Random Exotic Drop

The Jade Rabbit Guide

Someone might say that this is the Best PvP Scout Rifle in Destiny 2 Lightfall and they will be more than right!

The Jade Rabbit has a high range and excellent aim assistance, whereby eliminating opponents becomes really simple. Moreover, you can efficiently use its unique perk with good aim, which buffs the body shot for every crit hit. And for each hit, you will receive a bonus that reduces recoil and flinch, which is very nice. Do you find it challenging to shoot with this weapon? Make a Catalyst, as this will improve its stability.

Hung Jury SR4 

Best Perks: Arrowhead/Fluted Barrel, Accurized Rounds, Rapid Hit/Surplus, Box Breathing

How To Get It: Nightfall

Hung Jury SR4 how to get

It was not for nothing that we wrote that this best kinetic Scout Rifle in Destiny 2 Lightfall has a huge variety of perks because some of them are ideal for PvP. Since this is the only current 180 RPM Scout Rifle to have Box Breathing, it’s no surprise that many players have fallen in love with it. Because of this perk, you can deal with any Guardian in 3 shots, thereby annihilating faster than any other Scout Rifle. Rapid Hit and Surplus will enhance the weapon’s reload speed and stability, which is essential for Hung Jury.


Best Perks: Arrowhead/Fluted Barrel, Accurized Rounds, Rampage, Kill Clip

How To Get It: Last Wish

Transfiguration Guide

If you get Transfiguration from there with Rampage and Kill Clip, you are incredibly fortunate because it is called one of the best of its kind, and you can conquer PvP with it. Both perks increase your damage after defeating the opponent, allowing you to terminate Guardians with less than 70 resilience with just two headshots. As they say — High Stakes, High Rewards.

Long Arm

Best Perks: Arrowhead/Fluted Barrel, Accurized Rounds, Rapid hit/Hipfire Grip, Explosive Payload/Opening Shot

How To Get It: Spire of the Watcher

Long Arm Guide

Even though Dead Man’s Tale is much better than this weapon, it is a worthy replacement if you want to use other Exotic weapons and you need the best Energy Scout Rifle in Destiny 2 Lightfall. Making beautiful takedowns for pro-montage clips is not the only goal of this Scout because the perks are no less good. Rapid Hit + Explosive Payload is a great combo for any mode, as no one would say no to the improved damage, cooldown, and stability on Scout Rifles. Hipfire Grip + Opening shot is a less popular combination, but no less effective since accuracy and stability are your best friend on hip-fire.

With our Destiny 2 Lightfall Scout Rifle guide, you’re ready to become Ash from Overwatch by shooting these weapons like a pro. By telling your friends about this article, you can make a whole team of such professionals, so do not miss out on this chance!

Do you need help farming them or completing an activity where they drop? Then our best players are ready to help you with Destiny 2 Services. You will immediately get closer to obtaining these weapons in just a couple of clicks without wasting time and nerves. This an incredible opportunity for you not to miss, especially if you want to get the best Scout Rifles from Raids in Destiny 2 Lightfall!

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The mida multi tool will always be the best scout for me. Don’t need fancy perks to kill guardians across map who are hungry to jotun ppl and have no skills


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