Best Monument to Lost Lights Weapons in Destiny 2: Tier List

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Not all weapons in Destiny 2 can be acquired randomly or through quests now, which is why Bungie created the Exotic Archive. Today, we’ll talk about the best Monument to Lost Lights Exotic in Destiny 2.

Best Monument to Lost Light Weapons

Key Takeaways

  • This list consists of ten guns that are suitable for PvP or PvE or both
  • The three best guns in our opinion are Witherhoard, Thorn, and Polaris Lance
  • Most guns require Catalyst to reach their full potential
  • The tier list was compiled during the Season of the Wish and will be valid until June of this year

Many people love Destiny 2 Monument to Lost Lights because you don’t have to endlessly farm activities, hoping to get the exotic you want. Despite Exotic engrams being easier to obtain now, not everyone wants to deal with the random.

You only need to collect 125,000 Glimmer, one Exotic Cipher, and one Ascendant Shard (two for Outbreak Perfected, Izanagi’s Burden, and Whisper of the Worm) to get practically any Exotic weapon here. The loot that was in the now-removed raids can be bought for a similar price but with an additional 240 Spoils of Conquest and one more Ascendant Shard.

It may seem like you need to gather a lot of resources to collect each weapon, so some want to know which are the best Monument to Lost Lights weapons in Destiny 2. In this guide, you’ll get an answer to this question and more. Sit back, and let’s get started!

Where Is the Monument to Lost Lights?

You can easily find Monument to Lost Lights at the Tower between two Vaults on the right side of the spawn. There is no other places where you can access Exotic Archive. Remember its place and let’s move on to the main topic.

Where Is the Monument to Lost Lights

Best Exotics from Monument to Lost Lights Tier List

We understand that describing every gun can be a lengthy and dull task. Therefore, we have created a Destiny 2 Exotic Archive tier list that encompasses all the guns. However, we’ll focus on the first two rows of the list in the rest of the article, as these are the ones that you should prioritize getting. Our list is just to find out which weapons are generally worth your attention and effort.

Best Exotics from Monument to Lost Lights Tier List

Sleeper Simulant

Even though Linear Fusion Rifles have been significantly nerfed, Sleeper Simulant still performs excellently in various DPS phases and easily one of the Monument to Lost Lights best weapons. That’s surprising, as Sleeper Simulant doesn’t have any unique features except for penetration and refraction. However, before using it, don’t forget to check if you have completed its Catalyst, as your DPS will significantly drop without it.

Sleeper Simulant Exotic Gun

Polaris Lance

With the release of Season 23, Polaris Lance gained huge popularity among Solar Builds, especially in activities like Grandmaster. Don’t think that one of the best weapons from Monument to Lost Lights will become useless with the release of The Final Shape, as it’s good even without the Seasonal Artifact. For every 4 Precision Hits, the next shot becomes explosive, dealing more damage and applying 40 (60 with Ember of Ashes) Scorch. Because of this, you are able to ignite any enemy quickly, causing significant damage in a small area. A nice bonus is the return of a bullet to the magazine for Precision Hits, so you’ll rarely need to reload.

Polaris Lance Exotic Gun

Ace of Spades

The former weapon of Cayde-6, which can now be yours. Ace of Spades could be more robust in PvE, but it’s a different story in PvP. Its huge Range and the unique Memento Mori buff allow you to destroy Guardians with one crit two body without a limited timer, making Ace of Spades one of the best Hand Cannons for Crucible and best Exotic Archive weapons in Destiny 2. However, even such a monster has its competitors.

Ace of Spades Exotic Gun


After obtaining the Catalyst, Thorn can be considered the best Hand Cannon for PvP in Destiny 2. Its distinctive feature is primarily the poison, which allows you to extinguish some Guardians with two crit one body, something other HCs can’t boast. Previously, it couldn’t show off good Range and Stability, but now the situation is the opposite, especially when Refined Soul is active. The buff further improves Range, Handling, and Mobility when you perform a Final Blow or pick up a Remnant. These Remnants are created upon a Final Blow from Thorn, and their absorption makes your poison even stronger, making Thorn even easier to use. Not only it is one of the best weapons in Monument to Lost Lights, but also the best PvP weapon in Destiny 2.

Thorn Exotic Archive

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Le Monarque

If you’re a fan of Bows, then Le Monarque is a must-have. This weapon performs excellently in PvE and PvP, all thanks to its Exotic Perk. With a Full Draw, your arrows apply poison, periodically damaging enemies. Poison also stuns Overload Champions in PvE, making Le Monarque relevant in Grandmasters. So, there is no doubt why everyone calls it one of the best Exotics in Monument to Lost Lights.

Le Monarquest Monument

Izanagi’s Burden

Izanagi’s Burden is the best Burst Special Weapon you can find. The essence of this Exotic is in combining ammo in your magazine into one powerful bullet, dealing a massive amount of damage. That’s why this Sniper Rifle is often used in DPS phases and often refered as one of the Destiny 2 best Exotic Archive weapons. Don’t forget to do the Catalyst, as the damage is significantly lower without it.

Izanagi's Burden Exotic Weapon


If you’re looking to be a formidable support in Destiny 2, then Lumina is the perfect gun for you. Each time you get a Final Blow with this Hand Cannon, you create a Remnant (two with a Catalyst) that allows you to pick which Noble Round buff you want. When you hip-fire with the Noble Round buff, you’ll shoot Noble Rounds, consuming one stack of the buff. The shot will home in on the nearest ally, healing them for 90 HP and giving both you and the ally the Blessing of the Sky. The buff also provides a 35% damage bonus in PvE or 15% in PvP, which is quite noticeable in both modes.

Lumina Exotic Weapon

Leviathan’s Breath

Leviathan’s Breath is an excellent alternative to Sleeper Simulant when it comes to DPS and sometimes even outperforms it. This Exotic weapon is unique as it’s the only Heavy Combat Bow available in the game. Additionally, it can be useful in Grandmasters as it has the ability to stun Unstoppable Champions. If you’re worried about its low Ammo count or long Draw Time, you can complete the Catalyst to address these issues. The Catalyst will give it the Archer’s Tempo perk and also provide five additional arrows in reserve.

Leviathan's Breath Exotic Gun

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Do you need an effective weapon for both Ad-clear and DPS? Then you should get Witherhoard first, which is the best Exotic in Monument to Lost Lights. Since the Season of the Arrivals, Witherhoard remains relevant due to its versatility. This Grenade Launcher fires a unique shot that creates blighted ground on impact or blights the enemy on a direct hit, periodically damaging them. Don’t forget to do the Catalyst, as it gives an Auto-Loading Holster, which perfectly complements an already ideal Witherhoard.

Witherhoard Exotic Weapons

Ager’s Scepter

Ager’s Scepter is one of the most unusual weapons in Destiny 2, allowing with a Catalyst unique use of its Super ability. The Trace Rifle’s essence lies in Stasis Final Blows, which will freeze everyone around the defeated target and replenish ten rounds in the gun’s magazine from reserves. The most exciting aspect is revealed with its Catalyst, which uses your Super to temporarily enhance the gun until you run out of ammo or the Super itself. In our article on the best Stasis Warlock build, we detailed how to use it effectively.

Ager's Scipeter Gun

Final Words on Best Monument to Lost Light Weapons

That’s all you need to know about every best Monument to Lost Lights Exotic in 2024. Despite needing to gather a lot of resources for a long time, each of these Exotics can be useful in various situations, whether it’s activities, specific builds, or even situations.

If you want to acquire them as soon as possible, don’t forget to use Destiny 2 Boost, where any item can be obtained in the shortest time. By the way, you might be interested to know what’s currently in the meta, so we recommend checking out our article on the best PvE weapons in Destiny 2.

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