Every Best Hunter Stasis Build in Destiny 2 The Final Shape

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This guide is the easiest way to learn the best Hunter Stasis build in Destiny 2!

Best Hunter Stasis Build in Destiny 2 Season of the Wish

Key Takeaways

  • Stasis Hunter is the weakest subclass, but you can make it good with a proper build.
  • Mask of Bakris Build helps you survive and destroy everything on the battlefield fast!
  • Renewal Grasps Build pays attention to your Duskfield Grenades.
  • The PvP loadout makes you unpredictable, thanks to which you will annoy your opponents with sudden frosts!

We’ve come a long way in discussing Stasis and eventually arrived to discuss the Hunter’s Revenant with some downsides. We have already talked about other subclasses in previous articles about Strand Hunter or Solar Hunter. Now it’s time to freeze your enemies and send them into an icy hell. Get comfortable, we’re starting to compose the best Destiny 2 Stasis Hunter builds. Let’s show our enemies what we’re made of!

Stasis Hunter Build Weapons

The Stasis Hunter is considered the weakest subclass in the game, and there are reasons for that — the lack of good Exotics, weak Aspects, and much more. However, even Revenant can be fun and, most importantly, effective with the right loadout. For this, not only will you have to use Exotics and Mods to their full potential, but you also pick the right weapons for all of this.

We will recommend a couple of guns for various purposes, which will help make Destiny 2 Stasis Hunter build even better. 

For creating Stasis Crystals, it is recommended to equip:

For slowing down or freezing enemies, the best approach is to use:

A special sidearm called the Buried Bloodline was introduced in Warlord’s Ruin during the Season of the Wish. It is an Exotic weapon that emits Void Energy, but it is beneficial for Stasis Builds as they often lack healing abilities. This weapon gives you the Devour buff if you achieve either four Minor Final Blows or one Major Final Blow with it. Devour provides you with 100 HP and Grenade Energy from every enemy you destroy while also extending its timer.

Make sure to remember all the weapons mentioned in this list!

Best Stasis Hunter PvE Build in Destiny 2

Mask of Bakris Build

If you are a fan of Ager’s Scepter and Stasis Hunter, you’ll definitely love this Destiny 2 best Stasis Hunter build. With it, you will be able to easily increase the damage of your Trace Rifle, maintain decent survivability, and boost your Heavy Weapon at any moment.

The Mask of Bakris is a strategic choice that will propel you towards your goals. It replaces your Stasis Dodge with Blink and boosts the damage of your Stasis and Arc weapons by 25% for 10 seconds. This window of opportunity is perfect for clearing waves of enemies with Ager’s Scepter or dealing significant damage with your Stasis or Arc Heavy Weapon. Let’s not forget about the Exotic Weapon, which in its regular form freezes all nearby enemies after Final Blows and, in its Alternate Firing Mode, slows enemies upon hit and deals even more damage, albeit at the cost of your Super.

Survivability is key in the realm of Stasis, and our The Final Shape best Stasis Hunter build ensures you’re well-equipped. Grim Harvest is your lifeline, creating a Stasis Shard upon Stasis Affected Enemies Final Blows, a feat you’ll accomplish frequently with Ager’s Scepter. These shards grant you a Frost Armor Stack, bolstering your HP and Melee Energy. Touch of Winter takes your freezing capabilities to the next level, enhancing the Duskfield Grenade to create a Stasis Crystal in the center. Shattering it activates Whisper of Shards, boosting your Grenade Regen Rate by a staggering 500%.

In order to use your Class Ability as often as possible in the D2 best Stasis Hunter build, Whisper of Refraction helps by granting Dodge Energy for Stasis Affected Enemies Final Blows. Of course, there may be situations when you run out of Special Ammo, and to avoid this, we will use the following mods:

With these mods in your new best Stasis Hunter build for endgame, you will hardly ever run out of Ammo on Ager’s Scepter.

Renewal Grasps Grenade Build

renewal grasps guide

This best Stasis Hunter Build for PvE will enhance the power of Duskfield with the Renewal Grasps‘ help. What exactly does this Exotic offer? It provides a wide range of advantages:

It already sounds like a fantastic Exotic for Grandmaster, doesn’t it? So, let’s improve it further by adding aspects like Grim Harvest and Touch of Winter to this best Stasis Hunter build in Echoes Episode. Notably, the latter synergizes with Renewal Grasps, creating a large Stasis Crystal instead of a small one. Grim Harvest will create Stasis Shards for Stasis Affected Enemies Final Blows, which are helpful for obtaining:

The most necessary fragments are Whisper of Shards, allowing you to accelerate Grenade Regen with Crystal Shatters, and Whisper of Rime, which increases the maximum number of Frost Armor Stacks to 8 and their duration to 13 seconds.

Since your Grenade is a key item in this best Hunter Stasis build for GM Nightfalls, you need to minimize Regen time as much as possible. For that, the following mods will assist:

Best Hunter Stasis PvP Build

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Are you interested in surprising your opponents by suddenly appearing behind them or boosting your weapon’s damage unexpectedly in the enemy’s eyes? Then the Mask of Bakris is designed for you! This Exotic armor for the best Hunter Stasis PvP build replaces your Dodge with Shift, which teleports you a few meters forward. But that’s not all, as after using it, you receive a 10-second buff that boosts your Stasis and Arc weapons damage by 6%. However, there is one unpleasant downside. While you have this buff active, your Class Ability won’t recharge.

You’re already familiar with Touch of Winter, so let’s move on to Winter’s Shroud. This Aspect slows down all enemies around you after using your Class ability. Since Slow directly affects movement and weapon performance, your enemies will hate you. In terms of new Fragments, you won’t find any here. Still, it’s worth noting that due to Whisper of Durance, enemies will remain under the Slow debuff for a more extended period.

The mod selection won’t surprise you in this best Stasis Hunter build for Trials of Osiris if you’re already familiar with our other PvP loadouts. Since you’ll be using Shift quite often, it’s definitely worth equipping Reaper, which creates an Orb of Power after a Weapon’s Final Blow, but only if you’ve used your Class ability before that. Reaper also starts health regeneration and grants ability energy after picking up Orbs.

Stasis Hunter Artifact Perks

Attention all Hunters! If you want to take your best Stasis Hunter build 2024 to the next level, then listen up! The current Artifact is your ticket to success, with its numerous stasis bonuses. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to shine in battle. Follow our recommendations to pick every perk for your Hunter, and watch as your power grows exponentially.

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Second Column

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Fifth Column

Final Words

Despite all the disadvantages of this subclass, you now know all the possible and best variations of Stasis Hunter. If you liked every best Stasis Hunter build for Episode 1 or have any questions, welcome to the comments, where we’ll discuss everything with you. You can also make your loadout better with the best Arc Hunter Builds in Destiny 2, which could nice addition to your stasis loadout. We additionally recommend getting acquainted with our Destiny 2 Services, as professional players can fulfill any of your requests and even help to assemble the desired build.

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