All the Best Glaives in Destiny 2: 10 Must-Have Glaives

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We’ve already talked about the best Sidearms in Destiny 2 and other types of weapons, but now it’s time to learn about the best Glaives in Destiny 2!

Best Glaives in Destiny 2

Key Takeaways:

  • Glaives are an incredibly unique type of weapon that can be used in melee and ranged combat.
  • This list features 10 weapons: 5 Exotic and 5 Legendary variations.
  • Every weapon on the list can be used for Endgame activities, and some are even suitable for PvP.

With the Season of the Wish release, Glaives received a much-needed buff, making them more versatile than before. Now, they are more frequently used in Endgame content, and many are wondering which are the best Glaives in Destiny 2 Season 23. To answer this, we’ve compiled this guide, where you’ll find useful information about this type of weapon and its best variations. Sit back comfortably; we’re about to take off!

Are Glaives Good in Destiny 2? — Glaives Guide

Glaives have unique mechanics that allow them to shoot, perform melee attacks, and create a shield for protection. This versatility makes them useful in a variety of situations. For instance, in regular content, you can easily defeat enemies using only the Glaive’s Melee attacks, while in Endgame scenarios, the Shield can help you survive in any conditions.

Unfortunately, unlike Exotics, Glaive Archetypes differ only in fire rate and damage, so don’t expect unique projectiles. Currently, there are only three different Archetypes for Legendary Glaives:

It’s hard to say which of the three is the most suitable for PvE, as they are all quite good. However, if Projectile DPS is important to you, then Rapid-fire Archetypes, like Greasy Luck, would be the perfect choice. In PvP, each Glaive offers unique gameplay. Rapid-fire Archetypes have the fastest TtK (Time to Kill) if you play only using projectiles. But if you want to use the weapon’s Melee, then go with Aggressive. With Unstoppable Force perk activated, which we’ll discuss later, you are able to take down any Guardian with a shot + Glaive Melee attack.

Five Best Exotic Glaives in Destiny 2

Let’s begin with Exotic Glaives, which are famous because of their unique traits and have been significantly improved after the latest patches. There’s a lot to discuss!

Class Glaives

Few know, but in Destiny 1, there were Class-Specific Exotic Weapons almost from the start, while in the sequel, they were missing for a long time. Fortunately, with the release of The Witch Queen, Craftable Class-Specific Exotic Glaives were added, which were not very good initially. 

However, nearly two years have passed, and they have undergone multiple buffs during this time. Each of them is obtainable in different ways, so we recommend learning how to get Exotic Glaives in Destiny 2.

Now, let’s discuss each of the best Glaives in Destiny 2 Season of the Wish.

Edge Of Action

Edge of Action Exotic

Edge Of Action (Titan Void Exotic) allows you to convert Glaive Energy into a unique shot that creates a Mini Ward of Dawn on Impact. This Shield lasts 20 seconds and gives allies inside a Void Overshield and 5% bonus weapon damage. If you’re surrounded by enemies or need to revive another Guardian, Edge Of Action can save you.

Edge of Concurrence


Edge of Concurrence (Hunter Arc Exotic) allows you to convert Glaive Energy into a unique shot that tracks targets across the ground and unleashes chain lightning on impact. Additionally, with Season of the Wish, this shot can apply Jolt to enemies, making it easy to destroy a crowd instantly.

Edge of Intent 

Edge of Intent Exotic

Edge of Intent (Warlock Solar Exotic) allows you to convert Glaive Energy into a unique shot that creates a Healing Turret on Impact. It exists for 15 seconds, sending Healing Seekers every 1.25 seconds within a 30-meter radius. When hitting an ally, these healing turret projectiles provide Cure and Restoration to all within an 8-meter radius. If you want to be a Healer like in other MMORPGs, then Edge of Intent is for you.

It’s worth noting that when you convert Glaive Energy, you’ll receive one ammo out of thin air, so you’ll never be in a situation where you can’t use your unique shot.


Vexcalibur Exotic

Vexcalibur is quite a unique Special Glaive, often called the best Exotic Glaive in Season of the Wish.

Its firing mechanic is wholly changed. Instead of the usual single Projectile, this Exotic fires five bolts at once, each giving a whopping 8% Shield Energy. Additionally, with Vexcalibur, you and your allies can quickly get a Void Overshield, as you just need to block with Shield Energy. A nice bonus is increased Glaive Melee Damage when you have a Void Overshield, which can also be refreshed. And, of course, there are three Vexcalibur Catalysts that provide you with Immovable Object, Grave Robber, or Replenishing Aegis perks.

Until the end of the Season of the Wish, you can get it by completing the //NODE.OVRD.AVALON// Mission, but more on that in our guide on how to get Vexcalibur.


Winterbite Exotic

Winterbite is the freshest weapon on our list of best D2 Exotic Glaives. It can be obtained after completing the Lightfall campaign, and if you just bought the Lightfall DLC, we recommend learning how to get Winterbite.

Unlike other weapons of this type, Winterbite uses Heavy Ammo. In addition, it fires not a regular Projectile but a huge, slow-moving Freeze Orb. This Orb shoots Projectiles every 0.5 seconds that instantly freeze its targets. Moreover, the Freeze Orb itself deals massive damage on impact, so it can also be used for boss damage.

However, the advantages of the best PvE Glaive in Destiny 2 don’t end there. Winterbite Melee Attacks will deal 50% more damage and apply 40x Slow Stacks if you have at least one ammo. Who would have thought that a Heavy Glaive would be so helpful?

Five Best Legendary Glaives in Destiny 2

Now let’s move on to the segment of the best Legendary Glaives in Season of the Wish. It might seem they are not so remarkable, but that’s not the case. Many Glaives stand out with perks like Impulse Amplifier and Unstoppable Force. Let’s briefly talk about what makes them so unique:

With this information in mind, let’s review the five best Legendary Glaives:

The Enigma

Let’s start with The Enigma, the very first Glaive in Destiny 2, which still remains relevant and often appears in various top Glaives in Destiny 2 lists. Not only is The Enigma craftable and free, but it also has excellent perks. If you need a Glaive to use for easier content, try Grave Robber, which is available only for The Enigma, new Dawning Glaive and Lubrae’s Ruin (which unfortunately didn’t make this list). Considering you’ll often be killing with a weapon’s Melee, you’ll quickly forget about reloading.

Greasy Luck

One of the best Glaives in Season of the Wish, if not the best, is Greasy Luck. Of course, unlike other weapons, getting it with a good roll is difficult. In order to get Greasy Luck, you’ll have to farm the second or third encounter of the Ghosts of the Deep Dungeon, which is not particularly fast. But if you’re lucky, you’ll never regret it. 

Do you want to get a weapon for Melee Builds? There’s a great Close to Melee Perk, which increases Glaive Melee damage for Projectile Final Blow. If you’re more interested in a weapon for the Solar Subclass, then you’ll hardly find anything better than Incandescent. And, of course, there’s Unstoppable Force, the best perk for any Endgame or PvP.

Unexpected Resurgence

Unexpected Resurgence stands out mainly for its Stats, surpassing other Adaptive Glaives. Of course, this is most noticeable in PvP Content, but high Reload Speed and Shield Duration will also be helpful in PvE. Nevertheless, it can be called one of the best PvP Glaives in Destiny 2.

Regarding perks, it’s all quite impressive. Although it’s hard to beat the Impulse Amplifier, Auto-Loading Holster is also quite good, especially since you won’t find it on other guns. In the 4th column, the most interesting perk is Swashbuckler, although it may not be the best for Master or Grandmaster Content. Many may ask why we didn’t mention the popular Voltshot. The reason is that you will lose a lot of time working with it due to the extremely long reload time.

Judgment Of Kelgorath

Judgment Of Kelgorath can be called the easiest obtainable Glaive, as with the introduction of Timeline Reflections, every player can freely get a God Roll, Overflow + Close to Melee. You just need to complete a Witch Queen Mission to get it. Of course, there are better Glaives, especially for Endgame, but for Melee Builds, until you get better examples, Judgment Of Kelgorath will serve you well.

Nezarec’s Whisper

Finally, let’s talk about Nezarec’s Whisper, which rightfully is one of the best Glaives in Destiny 2 in 2023 and can still surprise you. If you’re looking for a weapon for your Grenade Builds, don’t miss it. The combination of Demolitionist with Frenzy or Adrenaline Junkie will guarantee you Grenade Energy, increased Projectile damage, and more. However, this Roll is unlikely to be suitable for GMs or other Endgame. For these purposes, it’s better to use Lead from Gold and Unstoppable Force, as you’ll often run out of ammo during active use.

Final Words on Best D2 Glaives

And with this, we can conclude our extensive article on all Glaives of Destiny 2 that deserve your attention. If you have other favorite models, be sure to tell us about them in the comments!

In the meantime, we recommend you check out other relevant articles, such as the best Season of the Wish weapons, where we discussed the latest season’s main guns. If you don’t have time to farm, remember that you can always ask for help in Destiny 2 Services!

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