”Best Dressed” Commendation Incoming for Destiny 2 Fashionistas

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"Best Dressed" Commendation Incoming for Destiny 2 Fashionistas

In the world of Destiny 2, looking good is just as important as battling against evil. Bungie knows this all too well. Thus, the studio has recently introduced the “Best Dressed” Commendation. It’s a novel way for Guardians to acknowledge their fellow players’ fashion sense and express their admiration

The Lightfall’s Commendation system can come in many forms, from medals to tags. It’s a fun way for players to interact and show appreciation to one another. Be it their expertise, accomplishments, or contributions throughout games.

“Best Dressed” centers around offering compliments to strangers. Aside from making their day, it’s also a way to recognize the fashion-savvy Guardians who contribute to making the game more stylish. It’s important to note, though, that it’ll only be available for activities like Strikes and Nightfall. It’s not available when it comes to raids, dungeons, or Trials of Osiris.

(Source: Bungie)

According to the Player Identity Team at Bungie, the idea to create a fashion-focused Commendation came up during the development of said new feature. However, back then, they were no longer able to add new things to Season 20, so they decided to push its release to Season 21 instead. Yet, after the launch of Lightfall, the community was more than excited to request a “Best Dressed” Commendation. They wanted a way to recognize players with excellent fashion sense and to show off their own styles. So, Bungie’s team decided to move the launch to the Midseason 20 Patch ahead of their initial schedule.

So, why wait? Don your armor, show off your style, and join the ranks of Destiny 2 fashionistas who are ready to save the world and look cool doing it!

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