Destiny 2: Best craftable weapons in The Final Shape

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Complete your collection with the ultimate list of the best craftable weapons in Destiny 2 The Final Shape!

Destiny 2 best craftable weapons

Key takeaways:

  • This is a list of the top craftable weapons in Destiny 2 at the moment, featuring 20 weapons
  • In this article, we have compiled a list of 5 of the best exotic and 15 of the most powerful legendary weapons for both primary, special and heavy categories.
  • In addition, we recommend the best craftable perks for these guns and explain why they are so effective.

In The Witch Queen, we gained the ability to create weapons with any desired combinations, making the grind easier for many players. Although not everyone likes this system, its importance in the current Destiny 2 sandbox cannot be denied. That’s why today we will tell you about all the best craftable guns in Destiny 2 that you should prepare. So sit back, get some tea, and let’s finally close this gestalt once and for all.

Best craftable exotics in Destiny 2

Let’s start with some less obvious things. Despite the fact that there are not many exotic weapons that can be crafted, it is still important to discuss them separately. So, let’s take a look at some of Destiny 2’s best craftable exotic weapons!

Outbreak Perfected, Pulse Rifle

Outbreak perfected best craftable weapons in destiny 2

Outbreak Perfected is one of the best Primary weapons at the moment, and, of course, it is a perfect example of craftable exotics in The Final Shape. It allows you to deal massive damage, quickly replenish your Super and Transcendence energies, and effectively destroy hordes of enemies. For even greater efficiency, we recommend using the Rewind Rounds trait for PvE, which recharges Outbreak Perfected based on the number of hits. Also, try this Pulse Rifle in PvP, as its good perks and pleasant recoil make it quite strong.

Whisper Of The Worm, Sniper Rifle

whisper of the worm craftble exotic weapons destiny 2

If you need a reliable craftable precision exotic weapon that has the perfect balance between Total Damage and DPS, Whisper of the Worm is unlikely to disappoint. This heavy Sniper Rifle is also extremely easy to use. With the catalyst, all you need to do is stay in the scope for a while (to get bonus damage), then hit the crit spot. You won’t even have to reload, as its exotic trait refills two and generates one ammo in the magazine if you land three rapid precision hits. If you miss it, Field Prep helps you get back quickly, and it also increases Whisper of the Worm reserves.

Revision Zero, Pulse Rifle

Revision Zero craftable exotic weapons

If you are looking for one of the D2 best craftable weapons to use in the Grandmasters, we have an amazing suggestion. Another craftable Pulse Rifle worthy of your attention is Revision Zero. Its is that after a certain number of crit hits, it can transform into a Sniper Rifle, dealing decent damage. You can get a maximum of four sniper shots, but with the 4-Timer Refit trait, this number can increase to six. In PvP, Revision Zero can surprise you, especially in sniper mode, but it may not always be possible to activate it.

Dead Man’s Tale, Scout Rifle

Dead mans tale craftable scout rifle

While Dead Man’s Tale is a pretty good weapon for PvE, it truly shines in Crucible. With this Scout Rifle, you’ll feel like a real cowboy, as its catalyst makes hip-firing extremely accurate and faster. You can make its damage and RPM even better if you quickly land five precision hits, which gives you the Cranial Spike x5 buff. Regarding perks for this D2 craftable weapon, we recommend either Vorpal Weapon for more effective Guardian kills in Super, or Moving Target when you still have to shoot while aiming.

Wish-Keeper, Bows

Wish-keeper craftable exotic guns in Detsiny 2

The Starcrossed mission from Season of the Wish gave us one of the best craftable Bows in Destiny 2, perfect for complementing your Strand builds for GM Nightfalls. The main feature of this weapon is the ability to suspend your targets by creating a pattern of traps from the Snareweaver arrow. This arrow can be obtained from precision hits or by taking down enemies. Moreover, the bow’s second perk, Silkbound Slayer, deals more damage to suspended foes and improves draw time when you are applying Suspend or damaging enemies with this debuff. Of all the craftable perks, we recommend Hatchling Refit, as it creates Threadlings on Precision Final Blows, which can also fill the Snareweaver Arrows Progress Bar. All these perks make it the best deepsight weapon in Destiny 2 for dealing with Unstoppable champions or major opponents!

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Best craftable Primary weapons in Destiny 2

Now it’s time to look at the best craftable legendary guns in Destiny 2. First up are the primary ones, which sometimes are as effective as exotics.

Nullify, Pulse Rifle

nullify craftable pulse rifle

The Salvation’s Edge raid brought many great guns to the game, and two Primary weapons became some of the best in the game. First, let’s talk about Nullify, a Solar Pulse Rifle with perks to suit any taste. Heal Clip and Incandescent for general gameplay on Solar subclass, or Firefly and Chaos Reshaped for add-clear. The combinations of good perks are endless.

Non-Denouement, Bow

non-denouement craftable bow

The second great gun from Salvation’s Edge is Non-Denouement. Non-Denouement, one of the best craftable raid weapons in Destiny 2, is incredibly good, mainly thanks to the Voltshot perk. Since you constantly reload when using a Bow, Voltshot activates right after a final blow. Combined with Dragonfly, you get one of the best Primary for add-clear, while Archer’s Tempo is suitable for Endgame content. For Crucible, Non-Denouement also has excellent perks, but bows are currently not in the best state in this gamemode.

Zaouli’s Bane, Hand Cannon

Zaoulis bane hand cannon

If you were looking for a craftable legendary Hand Cannon in Destiny 2 to replace your Sunshot, then Zaouli’s Bane from King’s Fall is the best choice. In the third column, you can set Explosive Payload by default to have increased damage to enemies. In the fourth column, think carefully about what suits your playstyle:

With these perks, you’ll have almost an exotic weapon that won’t let you down in any PvE activity. This makes Zaouli’s Bane one of the best craftable legendary weapons in Destiny 2!


ikelos craftable submachine gun

IKELOS_SMG has long been a true SMG classic that no one has managed to surpass, though there have been attempts.

Starting with PvE, you should equip Voltshot, which is incredibly helpful for clearing. In the third column, you can equip a Threat Detector to enhance reload speed, stability, and handling when enemies are nearby or focus solely on reloading with Feeding Frenzy.

In PvP, you’ll appreciate the combination of DSR and Tap the Trigger, making it easier to hit your target with enhanced accuracy and stability. Killing Wind in the third column could be a good pick, as it grants mobility, range, and handling bonuses after taking down a Guardian.

Austringer, Hand Cannon

Austinger craftable hand cannon

The only purely Crucible craftable Primary weapon in this list is Austringer. This Hand Cannon has excellent stats, which makes it still very popular. The perks, especially Eye of the Storm and Zen Moment contribute to its status as one of the best guns for duels. The former perk improves accuracy and handling when HP is low, while the latter one reduces visual recoil and flinch on successful hits. By equipping enhanced recommended perks, you can get an additional +10 Stability.

Best craftable Special weapons in Destiny 2

As you may have noticed, all the guns on the list so far are in the first slot. These weapons are too good compared to their counterparts. However, we’ve included those alternatives to give you more choices. So, let’s take a look at the best craftable Special weapons in Destiny 2!

The Call, Rocket Sidearm

the call craftable sidearms

The Call has created a lot of buzz as an easily obtainable and ideal representation of a Rocket Sidearm. It has a bunch of perks for any situation and builds, making you want to craft it as soon as possible. So, why do so many players call it one of the best craftable PvE weapons in Destiny 2? You can take combinations like:

All in all, if you were looking for the best craftable Special guns in Destiny 2, The Call is it.

You’re in luck if you need a replacement in another slot, as there’s Aberrant Action. It may not have many damage perks, but you can get combinations like Heal Clip and Incandescent or Pugilist and Demolitionist. The first combination is excellent for survivability and Solar builds, while the second combination has familiar perks for regenerating grenade and melee energy.

Scatter Signal, Fusion Rifle

Scatter Signal craftable fusion rifle

Having an excellent craftable special weapon for DPS in Destiny 2 is always important, and Scatter Signal is just that. The Controlled Burst perk plays a key role here, increasing damage and reducing Charge Time for a short time when all shots in a burst hit. In the third column, Overflow is the only choice for those who only care about DPS, but we also advise you to try Slice. This perk allows you to apply a Sever debuff to enemies after using a Class Ability, reducing enemy damage by 40%. This can be very useful in Master raid or Grandmaster NFs, so don’t overlook Slice.

Techeun Force also has Controlled Burst but boasts more interesting perks in the third column: Rewind Rounds and Reconstruction. Unlike Scatter Signal, this Fusion Rifle is also great for PvP with Under Pressure and High-Impact Reserves, so we recommend getting it as soon as possible.

Heritage, Shotgun

Heritage shotgun

Heritage hasn’t lost its relevance to this day, though it now has many competitors. Recombination ensures you double damage on the first shot, allowing you to destroy any Major enemy quickly. Reconstruction helps you forget about reloading, as your magazine fills itself and can even overflow. We also recommend trying Heritage in PvP. Threat Detector with Moving Target is an excellent roll if you want to use this weapon as a regular Slug Shotgun, while Hip-Fire Grip and Offhand Strike allow accurate Final Blows from the hip at a distance of 13 meters.

If you’re looking for a similar Shotgun for the second slot, try Nessa’s Oblation from Root of Nightmares. You won’t find decent rolls for Crucible, but Fourth Time’s the Charm or Reconstruction with Frenzy or Focused Fury will satisfy your PvE needs.

The Supremacy, Sniper Rifle

Supremacy craftable sniper rifle

The Supremacy is the best Sniper Rifle for PvE, and we doubt anything will ever surpass it. In the third column, Rewind Rounds is the best choice, allowing you to make many more shots before reloading. The fourth column is more interesting, with three excellent options:

Embraced Identity, while having a different archetype, has similar Traits to The Supremacy. It also features the Rewind Rounds and FTtC combination, but we recommend trying Enhanced Precision Instrument, increasing damage by up to 30%.

Someday, Shotgun

Someday craftable shotgun

Someday can be called the best craftable PvP weapon in Destiny 2 without any questions. It easily replaces Matador 64, especially since it’s easier to obtain and can be crafted with enhanced perks. Someday has the same excellent combination of Threat Detector and Opening Shot, giving you crucial handling and range bonuses for a shotgun.

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Best craftable heavy weapons in Destiny 2

Finally, it is time to take a look at the best craftable heavy guns to get right now. Five weapons, each excellent in its field.

Commemoration, Machine Gun

Commemoration craftable machine gun

Machine Guns are the best heavy add-clear weapons, so it’s always important to have them. Commemoration can be considered the best of the best, thanks to the combination of two perks: Reconstruction and Killing Tally. Having a passively replenishing magazine that can overflow twice, as well as a 30% bonus damage after three final blows until you stow or reload the weapon, gives a huge advantage in any activity. Subsistence is also a good choice but not as versatile as Reconstruction.

Bequest, Sword


With the arrival of Ergo Sum, swords became extremely relevant again, as their DPS is comparable to the best Heavy weapons. If you don’t have a good Falling Guillotine, then you must craft Bequest from DSC. The combination of Relentless Strikes and Surrounded ensures high total damage by returning ammo every three hits and granting 47% bonus damage when surrounded by enemies. Additionally, Bequest is the only Sword with 78 Impact, making it even more unique.

The Other Half, Sword

Half-truths craftable sword

Another sword worth your attention is the famous The Other Half. Its main perk is Eager Edge, which increases Lunge Distance by up to 100%. It allows you to cover great distances in one swing, as well as perform Shatter Skating and Well Skating. If you can’t get The Other Half red border, consider The Slammer from Nightfalls, which is even better than this sword.

Cataclysmic, Linear Fusion Rifle

Cataclysmic craftable lfr

When choosing a craftable Linear Fusion Rifle in Destiny 2, Cataclysmic deservedly takes first place. You only need one combination with FTtC and Bait and Switch, providing a 30% damage boost when dealing damage with two other weapons and returning two rounds for every four precision hits. Essentially, you’ll have the perfect weapon with high DPS for precision damage phases.

Apex Predator, Rocket Launcher

Apex Predator craftable rocket launcher

Last Wish has had great loot for almost a year, and the best among them is Apex Predator. This is not only the best craftable heavy weapon in Destiny 2 but also the best Rocket Launcher you can get right now. Equip Reconstruction to overflow the magazine and any of the recommended perks in the fourth column. Personally, we like Bipod the most, as it slightly reduces damage but allows you to fire four rockets from one magazine with Reconstruction. So, don’t wait and go farm one of the best craftable Rocket Launchers in Destiny 2!

Final words on the Destiny 2 best craftable weapons in Echoes Episode

Well, that was an incredibly huge list, wasn’t it? If we helped you build the perfect loadout, we would greatly appreciate your comments and likes. Additionally, you can check out the best PvP weapons in Destiny 2, where we review just as many weapons. Need help farming those guns we listed? Don’t forget about Destiny 2 services, where you can get them with a god roll in no time!

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