Blizzard’s CS Completely Ignores Ban Appeals

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A WoW player has conducted an experiment and found out that Blizzard’s CS completely ignores ban appeals.

Blizzard’s Customer Support (Blizzard’s CS) was once hailed as the gold standard, a benchmark for excellence in the gaming industry. However, over time, players began to observe a decline in the team’s quality of work. While disheartened, many fans still believed that at least Blizzard’s support still reviews bans and appeals diligently. And yet, a recent experiment conducted by a WoW player revealed that Blizzard’s CS doesn’t even bat an eyelid when it comes to ban appeals.

A Player’s Experiment Revealed Blizzard’s CS Completely Ignores Ban Appeals

WoW player h3lnwein decided to conduct a small experiment with Blizzard’s CS. Their intention was to find out how attentive the Customer Support system is and whether they understand the situation of a banned player. And so, h3lnwein submitted a request to Blizzard’s support. They asked for a review and to lift their final ban for inappropriate chat behavior. However, it’s important to note that, in truth, their account wasn’t banned. And the request was penned directly from their in-game character:

And yet, h3lnwein received a response from Blizzard’s support, stating that the measures were taken correctly. Their ban was aligned with the Terms of Use and In-Game Rules all players are bound by. H3lnwein tried to explain that they did not violate any rules. They asked for a closer examination of their case, hoping the CS would check what complaints had been made against him. But three days later, he received the same response from Blizzard’s support:

Apparently, all that the player received was automated responses. Their question wasn’t actually considered by any human staff. This suggests that if they had attempted to contest an unjustified real ban, they would hardly have been helped. They would have to swallow the automated decision even without violating anything.

In the Reddit thread’s comment section, players were baffled by the result of h3lnwein’s experiment. They couldn’t help but voice their disappointment towards the quality of Blizzard’s support service. Some even joked that such experimental requests might result in a genuine ban:

Yet, it appears that this jest holds more truth than humor:

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