WoW Classic SoD Summon-Sellers: What Are They?

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You may have encountered some summon-sellers in SoD. What are they, and should you buy summons from them? Let’s find out!

The heroes of Azeroth have been raising questions about players vending summons to fellow gamers. Take a look at fastingslowlee’s post as an example:

What Are WoW Classic SoD Summon-Sellers

Summon-sellers are players who sell summons using their class abilities. They have been around since the beginning of WoW Classic in 2019 or even further back. Typically, their services come at the price of one or two gold. Not only Warlocks run this business, but Mages also offer portals to various in-game locations. It’s important to note, however, that in the current Phase 1 of SoD, with the level cap set at 25, Mages are yet to enter this market. This is because Mages don’t have access to portals until they achieve level 40. And they won’t be able to reach their full capabilities with portals until they hit level 50. Hence, the summon-selling business in SoD is currently exclusive to Warlocks.

Some players don’t really like this practice. They believe that purchasing summons goes against the essence of Classic by providing buyers with ‘fast travel’ options. However, a considerable number of gamers see it differently. This method of travel fosters a sense of community spirit. And it also adds an immersive layer to the game as it allows players to leverage their class capabilities to establish a unique in-game business, offering services only they can provide.

Some summon-sellers even share their own experience:

So, should you buy the services of SoD summon-sellers in WoW Classic? It’s a personal decision entirely up to you and your wallet. After all, such purchases remain within the bounds of the game rules, and offer a delightful way to immerse yourself in the fantasy of Azeroth. Plus, it’s a convenient option to spare yourself from lengthy journeys to your desired locations.

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