WoW Classic: 10 Must-Have SoD Addons 2024

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In less than a month, Season of Discovery Phase 2 will begin. And so, it’s the perfect time to talk about 10 must-have SoD addons in 2024 that will definitely make your life easier.

Key Takeaways

  • The 10 must-have SoD addons 2024 are: Auctionator, Bagnon, Bartender4, WeakAuras, Rune Reminder, Details!, Questie, Atlas Loot SoD, Leatrix, What’s Training?
  • The links to download these addons are included in this article.
  • Make use of Auctionator to simplify gold-farming and Auction House UI
  • Change your Runes quickly and conveniently with the Rune Reminder addon
  • Learn more about specifically Season of Discovery’s new PvP, PvE, and Reputation rewards with Atlas Loot SoD

The Season of Discovery has introduced significant changes to WoW Classic. The gradually increasing level cap across each new Phase has notably altered familiar leveling routes and strategies for acquiring gold. The addition of the Rune mechanic has heightened demand for a variety of goods and crafting materials, exerting a substantial impact on the in-game market. And the introduction of new class mechanics has prompted players to seek a more user-friendly interface. With all those elements combined and more, we have plenty of reasons to come up with a list of the best addons for WoW Classic SoD.

10 Must-Have SoD Addons 2024


10 Must-Have SoD Addons 2024: Auctionator 

Created by borjamacare, Auctionator is one of the best WoW Classic SoD gold farming addons. Its standout feature, the Full Scan button, has garnered widespread acclaim from players. It simplifies the process of adding and updating Auction prices for all items in a player’s inventory with a single click. The resulting prices are also conveniently displayed in the tooltips for each respective item.

This feature is especially useful in WoW Classic Season of Discovery, where the bag’s capacity is very limited. In remote farming locations without nearby vendors, you often need to discard items to make space in your bag. However, among these items, there might be unexpectedly valuable ones for sale, such as reagents crucial for professional crafts needed in reputation farming with new Season of Discovery factions or BoE items. Certain green BoE items may even prove more useful than they seem because of the current SoD level cap.

Auctionator also greatly improves the Selling Tab of the Auction House. That’s the panel you see on the left when you list an item for sale. With this addon, it’ll automatically contain all the items in your bags that you can sell. Other core elements of the Selling Tab and the entire Auction are also significantly modernized thanks to Auctionator.


10 Must-Have SoD Addons 2024: Bagnon

Bagnon, created by jaliborc, is a pleasant UI improvement tool. This is one of your must-have SoD addons because of its handy function: combining all your bags into one. It also includes a convenient Search tool and a variety of Filters for the unified bag. Bagnon’s functions also extend to the Bank, alleviating the visual irritation caused by the low-level bags’ limited capacity.


10 Must-Have SoD Addons 2024: Bartender4

Talking about UI convenience, we can’t forget about Bartender4. Its current version was created by nevcairiel. It remains one of the best WoW Classic interface addons. With it, you’re able to quickly and conveniently set up Action Bars and assign the necessary hotkeys to abilities and macros. The Main Menu, Bag, and Pet Bars can also be customized and placed wherever you want them to be.


10 Must-Have SoD Addons 2024: WeakAuras

WeakAuras is one more UI addon that’ll prove useful for SoD. Its author is Stanzilla. Auras are interface elements that you create using this tool. They can be Progress Bars for certain spells and buffs, Timers, Trackers of your Consumables, etc. Such Auras can be grouped into Dynamic Groups to track multiple gameplay aspects. It’s an excellent Classic SoD alternative to DeadlyBossMods in terms of tracking boss and trash key mechanics cooldowns. 

All the Auras parameters can be configured: from Font Size to Animations and Triggers — the conditions under which Auras appear. Among these conditions may be the Player’s Level, the type of Target, Talents in the player’s Build, or its current Zone location. The Auras can be accompanied by a glowing or shaking effect, or suddenly jump out from around the corner of the screen. Their appearance may be followed by various sounds. Such an addon is especially recommended for SoD because plenty of new class effects and mechanics definitely need convenient Auras to track them.

Rune Reminder

10 Must-Have SoD Addons 2024: Rune Reminder

Rune Reminder is the addon made precisely for WoW Classic SoD. It greatly improves the original Runes interface. It provides users with the ability to change selected Runes much faster without using the character screen. The player can do it by simply clicking the selected Rune widget on the screen and choosing the needed Rune from the drop-down list. 

The Rune widget looks similar to the usual Buff Bar. It can be situated anywhere on the screen, depending on the player’s preferences. Basically, the addon tracks the already learned Runes and places only them in those drop-down lists. However, you can configure it to display unknown Runes too. You can add a cooldown timer, the direction in which the list drops, set up notifications for the Runes of each piece of armor, enable certain cosmetic effects, and edit the size of buttons and the distance between them.


10 Must-Have SoD Addons 2024: Details!

Details! is still one of the best WoW addons to track your DPS and Healing output in 2024. With it, you’re able to summon a window showing detailed data on your and your allies’ performance in certain encounters. Enabling an extra plugin or using the help of WeakAuras addon will also simplify tracking the current encounter performance. 


10 Must-Have SoD Addons 2024: Questie

Questie is an essential SoD addon. It improves the original Quest Tracker both on the map and the main screen. With it, you can track a larger number of tasks at the same time and better navigate among the quest Map icons. The addon also helps to quickly provide information about your quest progress to the party. 

Each quest’s reward data becomes much more detailed with Questie. It’s especially important for Season of Discovery. After reaching level 25, quests, including low-level ones, reward you with money instead of experience. And so, Questie will help you rationally organize the leveling process, allowing you to prioritize quests strategically, postponing those with monetary rewards to maximize your earnings later in the game.

Atlas Loot SoD

10 Must-Have SoD Addons 2024: Atlas Loot SoD

Atlas loot addon remains the best in-game loot database. Be sure to use the version updated for Season of Discovery. It contains new craftables, the Ashenvale PvP event rewards, and the Blackfathrom Depths raid version’s loot.

Leatrix Plus and Leatrix Maps

10 Must-Have SoD Addons 2024: Leatrix Plus and Leatrix Maps

Leatrix Plus usually comes hand in hand with Leatrix Maps. The first addon facilitates many gameplay basics. It can automatically accept quests, summons, and party invites and sell junk. It also contains endless useful chat settings. Leatrix Maps, in turn, makes the game’s Map much more detailed and convenient. For example, it adds coordinates, improves the zoom system (allowing you to remember the zoom level you fixed last time), and can remove the Fog of War.

What’s Training?

10 Must-Have SoD Addons 2024: What’s Training?

The What’s Training? addon is especially useful in SoD. The abundance of new skills and class mechanics provided by Runes significantly affects the usual build configurations. Planning which skills you’ll learn first becomes even more important. Some abilities may turn out useless in new rotations. So why waste your precious coins on learning them?


And that’s the end of our list of best addons for WoW Classic SoD in 2024. If you are wondering what’s the best addons for WoW Classic in general, be sure to check out our Top 10 Addons for WoW Hardcore Classic 2024!

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