11 Things You Must Do Before SoD Phase 2 

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In today’s guide, we will tell you about 11 things you must do before SoD Phase 2 starts to help you level up faster with an overall better experience

Key Takeaways

  • Season of Discovery in WoW Classic is designed to bring back exploration and novelty to the game, featuring revamped experiences and new surprises.
  • SoD Phase 2 is set to release on February 8.
  • Here are 11 things to do before SoD Phase 2 so as to maximize your enjoyment and experience: Choose your main class, prepare alts, get BiS for your characters, max out professions, accumulate gold, take part in Blackfathom Deeps and Ashenvale PvP, build reputations with different factions, prepare and organize your quest log, familiarize with the Rune Engraving system, collect all available runes, and find a group to play with for a more enjoyable experience.

What Is WoW Classic SoD

SoD, or Season of Discovery, was created by Blizzard to bring back the feeling of exploration in WoW Classic. To do so, they revamped the experience of playing through Vanilla. Season of Discovery is split into 5 Phases. Each one introduces a new level cap, new raids, and new things to discover. Want to heal as a Mage? Complete new raids at level 25? SoD has all of this and many other surprises for you.  

Season of Discovery Phase 1

Currently, we are at Phase 1 with a new Rune Engraving system that allows classes to take on new roles. The level cap is set at 25. Blackfathom Deeps is now a 10-man raid with new mechanics and loot. Millions of players have returned to experience this familiar yet new world. Most of them are happy with what they have, and they can’t wait for SoD Phase 2. 

SoD Phase 2 Release Date

SoD Phase 2 release date is February 8. With it, we expect the rise of the level cap to level 40, a new raid — Gnomeregan, as well as new class runes, various abilities, and other things to discover! As for what comes next, you can check our Season of Discovery Guide: All 5 Phases for more information.

11 Things You Must Do Before SoD Phase 2

11 Things You Must Do Before SoD Phase 2 

Since the next phase is around the corner, the time to prepare for it is short. So, what to do at max level SoD? We have created this guide specifically for you to be ready when the time comes.

Pick Your Main Class

All the classes got new abilities and talents revamped. Some even received new roles. Mages can be healers, while Rogues, Shamans, and Warlocks can tank. So, maybe now is the time to decide whether you will pick an option that can cover all three roles or go with your all-time favorite. There is no wrong choice as long as you have fun.

Prepare Your Alts

You can’t have everything on one character in World of Warcraft. So, it’s a common practice to have alts. They give you access to things you can’t have on your main character due to limitations. For example, crafting and gathering professions, gear from raid weekly lockout, etc. 

Having a few extra characters, especially of different classes and roles will open up more possibilities for you. Also, while it is still Phase 1 and the level cap is 25, it is easier to max out their levels.

Gather BiS

BiS or Best in Slots is the best possible gear option for your class at the current time. Despite the level cap being not that high, getting geared up is advised. Having decent gear will help you not just in Phase 1, but in Phase 2 as well. Don’t forget that Season of Discovery happens in WoW Classic, and vanilla WoW is way harder than the retail version. High character stats provided by the equipment will somewhat ease the difficulty. If you are wondering what the BiS items for your class are, be sure to check out our SoD BiS Lists series below:

Try Out The New Raid and PvP Event

11 Things You Must Do Before SoD Phase 2 

Be sure to check out the new 10-man raid Blackfathom Depths and Ashenvale PvP Event while they are still hot. Expect to discover new mechanics, enemies, and, of course, awesome loot in the Blackfathom Depths. You can get epic gear, new epic leatherworking, smithing and tailoring patterns, and even some runes. Meanwhile, SoD Phase 1 Ashenvale PvP event is a must-visit for all open-world PvP enjoyers. It includes updated objectives, new NPC to attack/defend, enemy camps, and new rewards. Earn Ashenvale-exclusive mounts, World-buff consumables, and nice gear by participating in this fight.

The loot from these activities serves as the best way to get ready for the next phase, so grab as much as you can before everyone moves on. After all, players will likely skip doing these two when Phase 2 hits the live servers with its level cap increased and new content to present. 

Max Out Professions

Maxing out your profession before phase 2 will give you a head start for the chance to earn gold. And to add, preparing pre-raid BiS gear for Phase 2 by crafting with professions is crucial. It’s important to note that some materials for leveling up professions in the current phase are cheap to buy at the Auction House. However, with the arrival of phase 2, prices for these materials will likely increase. So, there’s no better time than now to max out your profession skills.

Fill Your Pockets with Gold

Since we’ve already touched on the topic of game economy, hoarding some gold will be helpful in the upcoming Phase. Be it elixirs, resources for crafting, other consumables, or learning new skills — you need money. Wondering how to farm gold in SoD? Check out our Best SoD Gold Farming Guide for more tips and tricks to fill up your pouch. 

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Work on Reputations

What to do at level 25 in SoD? Farm Reputations, of course! Reputations with different factions, such as Warsong Outriders and Silverwing Defenders, have updated rewards that you may need. Other than that, two new factions, one for the Alliance and another for the Horde, were also added to the Season of Discovery. Azeroth Commerce Authority and Durotar Supply and Logistics work in big cities such as Orgrimmar and Stormwind, and they need the adventurers’ help to find the Waylaid Supplies. Farming reps with them will let you buy class runes from these vendors.

It’s important to note that all collected Marks of Honor will be purged from your mailbox by the end of Phase 1. So make sure to retrieve and use them while it’s still possible!

Prepare Your Quest Log

Understanding what quests you did and yet to do can help save a lot of time. Various quest chains also provide unique rewards, so creating a list of priority quests is the right move to make. Being among the max-level players, you may want to complete quests without turning them in immediately. Leave them in your log until the start of Phase 2 and turn them in only then. That way, you can instantly get a big boost of EXP when the level cap is increased.  

Learn about Rune Engraving

SoD runes

The Rune Engraving system is one of the biggest reasons why the experience of playing SoD feels so refreshing. Runes provide access to unique talents and abilities that were added to the game way later or entirely created for SoD. Wanted to have Crusader Strike from the get-go? Being able to heal as a Mage? All this is possible thanks to the new Runes.

As of Phase 1, each class has access to 12 exclusive runes. Runes are engraved on your gear. Each of them is limited to a particular type of equipment, so you may want to figure them out before Phase 2 hauls in more Runes to explore.

Gather All The Runes!

Despite each class having only 12, it is not as easy as one can think to gather them all. Runes are hidden everywhere around the world, be it in dungeons, raids, loot from elite enemies, chests, faction vendors, etc. So collecting all of them is an adventure on its own. Since we are expecting to get even more runes in Phase 2, we advise you to collect all the current ones now, so you can dedicate yourself to searching for new ones later. And without the runes, you may miss out on all the fun that SoD has to offer!

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Find a Group

All the adventures are way more enjoyable if you have a group of like-minded enthusiasts. So find yourself a nice Guild, or maybe call back your friends you used to play WoW with back in the day. Together, you can make your journey through the Season of Discovery truly unforgettable.  


And this is it for our 11 Things to Do Before SoD Phase 2 guide. We hope it was of help to you. And don’t forget that whatever you do, have fun! There is still time before Phase 2, so we wish you a happy discovery!

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