SoD Phase 2 Hunter Rune: How to Get Trap Launcher

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A quick and easy guide on how to get Trap Launcher for Hunter in SoD Phase 2.

Considered by many to be one of the strongest Runes for Hunter in Season of Discovery, Trap Launcher stands out as one of the most sought-after new SoD Phase 2 Runes. So, scroll down to see how you can acquire the Trap Launcher Rune.

How to Get Trap Launcher Rune in SoD

How to Get Trap Launcher Rune in SoD

Trap Launcher Rune: Your Traps can now be placed at any location within 35 yards, and can be placed while you are in combat. Additionally, your Fire-based and Frost-based traps now have separate shared cooldowns.

How to get Trap Launcher:

We hope that this little guide has been able to aid you in your quest to find your much-needed Runes in SoD Phase 2. For further guidance on getting all Hunter Runes in SoD, you will definitely want to explore our comprehensive guide here:

Within this guide, you’ll discover all Hunter Runes from Phase 1, Phase 2, and any forthcoming Phases as they become available. Stay informed and happy gaming!

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