The Frenemies Pack discount: 6 mounts and 5 pets for sale

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The sale is going hard, and alongside other incredible offers, you can buy The Frenemies Pack, featuring six mounts and five pets, for up to 65% off until July 1!

The Frenemies Pack Discount

If you are considering upgrading your collection with pets and mounts you can’t get through in-game WoW activities, The Frenemies Pack is the perfect offer! The prices below are in dollars, so remember that the cost in your local currency might differ if you reside outside the US.

The Frenemies Pack Discount: Mounts

If you want to buy the following mounts individually, it will cost you $75, considering the 50% discount. Here are the six mounts that are included in the pack itself:

The Frenemies Pack Discount: Pets

On top of that, you can purchase the following five pets that individually cost $5, which will cost you $25 at 50% off. Here are the five pets that are included in the pack itself:

If you were to purchase the items mentioned above individually, you would spend $100. However, taking advantage of the discount, you can have the entire pack for just $70.00, which sounds profitable. The discount is only valid until July 1, so if you have been considering getting all the mounts and pets mentioned above for a while, now is the perfect time!

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