WoW Dragonflight: Marching to the Past with Timewalking

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Hop on the Timewalking train of Turbulent Timeways! It’s time for the champions of Azeroth to pay the past a visit. You have six weeks to travel back in time. Starting on March 28 and ending on May 9, each week will feature one of the previous expansions in the order as follow:

Seize the day and reap the increased rewards of Kazra’s Timewalking quest during this event. The bronze draconid resides in Valdrakken, offering a Heroic level Cache of Vault Treasures with items ranging from 402 to 411. But don’t wait too long, for once the event concludes, the cap will revert back to its usual 389. So, take advantage of the occasion and make the most of it to upgrade your gear and enhance your arsenal.

Speaking about the past, Blizzard has decided to reintroduce iconic sets from past raids and dungeons in future updates, starting from Patch 10.0.7. Blizzard has yet to release concrete details on how said items will return. But based on the Zul’Gurub case, they may be made through crafted recipes or bought from the Trading Post.

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