WoW Dragonflight Tips and Tricks for Beginners

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The Dragonflight expansion is now in full swing. With the massive streamer and media coverage, it’s a bright beacon to many new players. You can have fun however you want, but there is a good way to learn the latest features and have fun. These WoW Dragonflight tips and tricks will explain some of them.

You might get into World of Warcraft without buying the expansion. Some of these additions are available for non-DF players as well, meaning some of these tips also apply to them. The DLC content is still wonderful, and you can find some excellent advice on how to play WoW Dragonflight. This article will illuminate a portion of it.

Starting the Game

The main dilemma is whether you start the game as a regular player or with the expansion. The former means you start from level 1, do all the typical beginner quests and activities, and grow your character the usual way. DF Heroic Edition gets you straight to level 60, meaning you may start the adventure almost immediately.

There is the temptation to just go for DF from the start, especially if you play with friends. However, a typical WoW new player guide will advise you to familiarize yourself with the game first. Run around in the usual beginner environment, reach levels 10–20 and then buy the DLC boost. It’s also possible to reach the necessary level 60 all by yourself without buying the Heroic Edition. If you rush it, it may take over a week.

You might feel like you’re not getting the full experience if you jump into the new expansion without learning what different activities, characters, story aspects, and gameplay aspects are. You can still learn on the go, especially with friends, but WoW is often so overwhelming for new players.

Gameplay Advice

The new expansion didn’t change the gameplay aspects much. The only sizeable change to the way you play the game is the HUD revamping. It’s now customizable, more comprehensive, clean, and practical. This is wonderful news for fresh players, as this game’s HUD was far behind the practicality other MMOs offered.

But as for tips on how to play WoW, not much to tell here. Sure, there is a lot to cover, but you don’t need to cram game knowledge immediately. Fortunately, major pieces of content are thrown at you piecemeal. It’s actually why you are advised to start without DF if you don’t know MMO RPGs well.

If that’s the case, jump into the base game and see if you are comfortable with the surroundings, quests, and activities. If you don’t really know what to do, it’s better to grow a few dozen levels before jumping into DF. The latest expansion isn’t hard to grasp, but it’s definitely not optimal material for getting to know the game.


The new talent trees are one of the new game-wide additions. With them, you can tweak your current build in many ways and change it completely whenever you want. It brought about a much deeper way of creating character builds, which is wonderful for a green player. Anyhow, here are some Dragonflight leveling tips regarding talents.

Because of the system, any missteps in upgrading your character may be corrected immediately. Additionally, you’re free to switch builds on the go depending on the situation. And lastly, the progression became a lot more comprehensive visually. It’s helpful to people who want to know what they’re doing while developing their character.

If you purchase the Heroic Edition boost, you’ll be able to distribute all the talents points you get from the boost however you want. There are two parts — a class one on the left and a specialization one on the right. Because you can unlearn them at any moment, there’s no reason not to experiment with different abilities.

You can just google some WoW beginner build for this season, there are plenty of them already. But it’s also a good idea to explore the trees personally. In fact, you’re absolutely encouraged to pick alternative talents every now and then. It comes at no cost, and you’ll have different kinds of fun this way.

Playing as Drachtyr

If you buy Dragonflight from the start, you might be tempted to play as the new race/class — the Drachtyr Evoker. They are cool, unique, and pretty broken balance-wise — at least, currently. Making Drachtyr your first character is fun and not a mistake by all means, but they are not ordinary.

You can’t adjust them as much as other races. There is a lot of variety, but you’ll still be locked to one class and two specializations. They have the same core — ranged attacks, similar abilities, and the same racial abilities. What’s more, you’ll have to play as either healer or ranged DPS. You can reach a WoW Dragonflight starter guide about Drachtyr if you want to know why that’s the case.

If that’s not your thing, you might soon learn that you don’t enjoy the game because of the race you picked. You can’t change the build too much, you won’t be able to make your character into a tank, a melee DPS, or any combo besides what you’re given. Before selecting them, carefully study their abilities and see if this experience suits you.

Character Meta in Dragonflight

You might decide that Drachtyr is something you wouldn’t enjoy in the long run. In this case, there are plenty of other races, classes, and specializations you can mix however you want. There are some race/class limitations, but they are gradually being removed. There have been several such changes in Dragonflight already.

As for creating your first character, here’s a concise Dragonflight character guide:

Specs determine your role in the cooperative activities and set your character’s gameplay style. Your WoW starter class also does that, to a degree. When DF dropped, a lot of them were reworked. Just a small number of them are underpowered, while most are either well-balanced or overpowered.

The good news is that you’re free to respec at almost any time. Even if you don’t like the spec you picked, you can pick another one and reattribute your talent points. So, none of it is really a big deal. Dragonflight’s best character for beginner players is what you personally want to roleplay as.

Playing with Friends

To visit Dragon Isles, you need to be level 60 at least. Buying DF Heroic Edition gets you there. But if you want to get there manually, some work is required. The WoW fastest way to level is through boosting, but grinding is also an option. You won’t need much story lore expertise to know what’s going on — you’ll get plenty of exposition over time.

However, what you need is a couple of friends. Obviously, it’s not easy to persuade your friends to start WoW with you, buy the monthly subscription and pay $49–89 for this DLC. And if you have friends in the game, you’ll likely play with them already. If neither is an option, then community Discord channels and Reddit are good sources of teammates.

It’s important — and not just because MMOs are more enjoyable if played with a party. Many activities here still require grinding, while clearing mobs may take a lot of time. Good gear helps, and you are welcome to view a WoW equipment guide to get some good DF gear early. But if you do these activities with friends, you can save a lot of time.


Dragonriding is one of the more curious new features explained in this WoW Dragonflight start guide. Even people outside of the game’s community have heard that WoW players will be able to ride dragons in a way different from mount riding. With mounts, you just point somewhere and go, but dragons feel like actual living creatures.

It’ll be the main attraction to many people, as they will control an authentic personal dragon and learn to navigate it better. The main problem is that you’ll have to spend time upgrading riding skills and customizing your dragon. Riding is likewise very nuanced, and it’s better if you read a proper WoW Dragonflight beginners guide about dragon riding.

Players get a dragon very soon after getting to the Isles. All the main mechanics are there, but getting the most exciting flying abilities and the more attractive cosmetics requires work. In particular, to get new talents you need to collect golden Dragon Sigils, while new cosmetics are obtainable through a variety of ways.

The former are scattered all over the air, while the latter is found nearly anywhere. Fortunately, there are plenty of materials online, which describe where each Sigil is located. Alternatively, you can order special Dragonflight boost services to let other people collect them in your place. In many cases, it’s absolutely worth it.

With these talents, you get to use your flying companion in fights, cruise at higher speeds and fly for longer. It makes them essential, meaning you need to gather at least some of them to get the most out of dragonriding. When it comes to cosmetics, they are a pleasant bonus, and you can grind them while you’re at it, too.


In a brilliant move, Blizzard decided to write a plot for their new expansion, which doesn’t necessarily need exposition and background from the previous story arcs. Naturally, there are characters, references, and other connections to the rest of Azeroth. Currently, though, the story is not about some recurring threat from the past.

At the moment, little is known about what’s going on in the Isles — the expansion is in the opening stages. It’s an alluring prospect, too. You can get into the game now, in the middle of an unfolding new story. You can be intrigued, speculate and go through this new adventure gradually like everyone else. It’s a wonderful feeling.

But the bottom line is that you don’t need much knowledge of what happened in Azeroth in the previous expansions. Not at this stage, at least. You don’t need some WoW Dragonflight story guide, either. Considering how much Blizzard loves to explore cosmic horrors regularly, they may recast some villains from before.

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