Dragonflight Airlock Tech: No Loading Screens, No Transitions

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Dragonflight Airlock Tech: No Loading Screens, No Transitions

WoW’s official Twitter released a one-and-a-half-minute video introducing the Airlock tech in Dragonflight.

Meet Gameplay Engineer James Collins and Tools Engineer Ronald Leask. They are the ones who crafted and polished said feature. The driving force behind the Airlock’s development is the desire to expand the WoW map. 

They were inspired by the early days of Classic WoW. Back then, players could seamlessly traverse the Eastern Kingdoms or Kalimdor. There weren’t any loading screens or jarring transitions. Thus, the two engineers aim to recapture that sense of exploration and adventure that made the game so alive and beloved.

While exhilarating, The introduction of dragonriding made the world feel much smaller. After all, players could cover vast distances at incredible speeds, diminishing the sense of scale and grandeur. But with the help of Airlock, the developers can get rid of all the loading screens. Thus, restoring the awe-inspiring vastness of the world. 

For a firsthand demonstration of this feature, check out the video below. 


The absence of loading screens not only enhances gameplay immersion, but also uses the surroundings to tell a story. With Airlock, players have the freedom to explore at their own will without hindrances. Thus, opens doors to endless possibilities and enhances the overall enjoyment.

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