Players Are Leaving SoD: Huge Decline in Active Users

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With Phase 3 being the least popular among the community, more and more players are leaving SoD. The number of active users is at its lowest ever since the mode’s release.

Players Are Leaving SoD: Huge Decline in Active Users

In recent times, various iterations of World of Warcraft have provided a wide range of activities to cater to players’ preferences. From Cata Classic to MoP Remix, there’s something for everyone. However, some versions are witnessing a decline in user engagement. Notably, WoW Classic Season of Discovery has experienced a significant drop.

Players Are Leaving SoD Because of Various Reasons

Recently, Redditor Conscious_Surround_9 shared a graph depicting SoD population:

Players Are Leaving SoD: Huge Decline in Active Users
(Source: Redditor Conscious_Surround_9)

The data was sourced from the Ironforge portal, which tracks active players by analyzing raid logs uploaded to WarcraftLogs. While it doesn’t provide a comprehensive view, it closely approximates the reality. After all, raiding has always been the most popular activity among WoW Classic fans.

According to the data, SoD currently has the lowest player numbers ever recorded. As of May 22, 2024, the total active player count stands at 74,384, a stark contrast to the peak of 496,004 back on January 17, 2024. Several factors contribute to this decline, including:

Consequently, player sentiment has turned pessimistic. Many have decided not to spend their precious time logging into SoD and instead invest gaming hours in other WoW versions or entirely different games.

It remains to be seen if Blizzard will be able to recapture players’ interest in SoD. What about you? Are you still enjoying what Season of Discovery has to offer? Or are you tired of chasing after Runes? Let us know in the comments!

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Mike Hsays:

Classic brought me back, my interest died midway thru wotlk, just like in original. Cata has nothing for me (our guild activity has significantly dropped as well), mop remix the same, and zero interest in retail, I’ve tried… So, looking forward P4, but it feels like wow is slipping away. I will look around the next retail expansion, but maybe with the dying of classic, I am just done.


Hi Mike! 😊 Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experience with us. WoW has been through quite rough patches, but with all the changes happening, there’s a chance the game will see better days ahead. The War Within seems really promising, so let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best! ⭐️