Lich King Origins Animation Commissioned by Blizzard

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Blizzard has commissioned the Taiwanese Thunderbolt animation team to stage a miniature puppet show. It tells the story of the infamous Lich King Arthas. In less than five minutes, the animation successfully captures the Prince of Lordaeron’s discovery of Frostmourne and his tragic journey to the Frozen Throne.

The animators have made dolls as tall as half a person. They recreated legendary landscapes that players are more than familiar with. Along with meticulous post-processing, the animators deliver beautiful footage that evokes strong emotions from players. They also added Asian theater elements to the dubbing stage. The characters’ talking manner in this video may sound strange to you. But it’s an artistic and theatrical speech in Asian puppet shows. Thus, their work not only has the majestic fantasy elements of Azeroth but is also woven with the beauty of the real world. The origin of this short film’s creators is also shown in a subtle way.

You can check out the trailer and the process of making this masterpiece below.

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