Josh Greenfield Talks about The Status of SoD Phase 4

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Responding to fans’ feedback about the current lack of players in SoD, Josh Greenfield has provided an update on the status of SoD Phase 4.

Josh Greenfield Talks about The Status of SoD Phase 4

Key Takeaways

  • Players express disappointment over scarce news about Season of Discovery since Phase 4’s delay, overshadowed by attention on other expansions like MoP Remix and Cataclysm Classic.
  • Josh Greenfield provides an update on Phase 4 progress, stressing the team’s commitment to Phase 4 development, emphasizing tasks like testing and adjusting plans based on feedback.
  • Extended Phase 3 duration leads to decreased player engagement and difficulty forming groups, contributing to a drop in active users.

There has been widespread disappointment over the lack of updates surrounding Season of Discovery. Ever since the delay of Phase 4, WoW announcements have predominantly centered on MoP Remix, Cataclysm Classic, and The War Within. News about SoD is scant. And so, fans of this once-celebrated mode couldn’t help but harbor concerns about its future. With two Phases still ahead, the outlook for SoD has never been bleaker. In response, Senior Game Producer Josh Greenfield took to his personal Twitter to assure fans that they are not abandoning SoD, and developments are still underway.

Greenfield explained that the team is still hard at work. Their primary focus is on the development, implementation, testing, and refinement of Phase 4. A key aspect of this phase involves adjusting plans based on fans’ feedback and lessons learned. The Senior Game Producer also noted that Blizzard avoids frequent updates without substantial information to save time and ensure quality. After all, premature communication could cause confusion if changes occur mid-development:

As Phase 3 extends beyond its expected duration, gamers have noticed a significant decrease in SoD’s player engagement. More and more players are leaving Season of Discovery, leading to an all-time low in active user numbers. Forming groups has become significantly more difficult since there aren’t enough players to run instances. And having both MoP Remix and Cata Classic in full swing doesn’t help the SoD situation one bit.

As for us players, we can only hope that SoD Phase 4 will somehow be able to recapture the magic of its first Phase.

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