Zeus – Junker Queen won Battle for Olympus in Overwatch 2

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After intense competition, the Battle for Olympus in Overwatch 2 has come to a close. The victor, Zeus – Junker Queen, proved herself to be a worthy ruler of the gods. As a result, her statue will now be prominently displayed on the Ilios Ruins map.

The event is inspired by Greek mythology. It ran from January 5 to January 19 and saw players competing on a global leaderboard in a 10-minute match mode. To secure a win, players had to reach the threshold of 20 takedowns before their opponents. Temporary shields and health boosts from Fortify Packs are available to aid them with their cause.

On the final day, the hero with the most wins was declared the champion. This time, it was Junker Queen. However, we can expect a statue of another hero next year. After all, the game’s developers announced that this event will now become an annual occurrence.

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