Overwatch 2 fans are furious with the Season 11 Pharah meta

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The new season has been out for a while, and many players keep complaining about the current Season 11 Pharah meta in Overwatch 2.

Season 11 Pharah meta

Key Takeaways

  • Pharah’s win rates are significantly high in both Quick Play and Competitive Play, leading to demands for nerfs from the community.
  • Notable figures in the Overwatch community, such as OWCS Caster Jack Wright, have expressed concerns about Pharah’s dominance.
  • The community hopes Blizzard will address the issue to provide a balanced gameplay experience.

It’s well known that new heroes like Venture or Mauga often start off as overpowered when they are first released. However, Blizzard consistently makes adjustments over time, changing the game’s meta. However, this does not apply to Pharah. Being a flight-based hero who has been in Overwatch since the original game’s release in 2016, she is not a standout on the ground. But when she takes to the skies, she becomes a real nuke machine. 

Season 11 Pharah meta is overpowered

According to Overbuff, a site providing statistics about roles and heroes’ win rates, Pharah is in third place after Symmetra and Torbjörn, with a 52.29% win rate in Quick Play, and is in first place with a 51.59% win rate in Competitive Play. Considering this fact, you may think, “Wait, what on earth, Blizzard?” This and many other questions keep popping up in the minds of many Overwatch 2 players.

For example, Jack Wright, OWCS Caster, shared with his X/ Twitter followers that Pharah must get nerfed, as overpowered flying characters are one of the frustrating problems one can face in Overwatch 2. Many fellow players agreed with his demand, saying this hero has become worse than “one-shot Sojourn” and hoping a new Space Ranger hero can bring her back to earth. 

Season 11 Pharah meta

Also, thanks to Blizzard nerfing the well-known sapphic PharMercy duo in Season 9, making Pharah more self-sufficient, everyone, especially newcomers, can now secure easy kills thanks to her reduced self-damage, mobility, and larger health pool.

To get a grasp of how overpowered Pharah has become, you may want to check out the thread created by Reddit user ThunderBR2. ThunderBR2 won 40 games this season with Pharah, losing only three of them. Two losses were due to a player leaving the game, while only one was a fair loss.
Despite Season 11 being live since June 20, the community still hopes Blizzard addresses this problem as soon as possible. What do you think about this matter? If you are a Pharah player, are you content with her current status quo? Let us know in the comments!

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