Marathon Is “Years Away” with No One Wants to Play

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Marathon Is "Years Away" with No One Wants to Play

Marathon being delayed until 2025 has now become common knowledge. Yet, in a recent development, it turns out the game’s release date is a lot further in the future than anticipated. And what makes matters worse is that none of the gamers who got to test out the title wanted to play it.

Bungie’s exclusive summit event earlier this year brought together renowned streamers and content creators. The primary goal of the event was to gather feedback and shape the game’s future. In addition, it aimed to familiarize the invited influencers with Marathon. As reported by Windows Central, the studio underscored that Marathon was still in its pre-alpha stage. The title was confirmed to be several years away from a full release. 

Recently, Aztecross’s trusted source reached out to him, revealing intriguing information regarding said title. Thus, in his video, the content creator revealed that the participants showed little enthusiasm for the game. When asked if they would play “Marathon” if it was to be released the next day, not one of the attendees raised their hand. 

These revelations come on the heels of Bungie’s recent layoffs, adding fuel to an already fuming fire. 8% of the studio’s workforce was let go due to Destiny 2’s underperformance, according to CEO Pete Parsons. Consequently, the release of Destiny 2’s The Final Shape expansion has been delayed to June 2024, and Marathon is now slated for a 2025 release. 

Nonetheless, the prospects of a warm reception from fans seem highly unlikely. Many players are actively seeking refunds for The Final Shape due to recent events. And so, the future of both Marathon and Destiny 2 hangs in the balance. 

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