Escape from Tarkov Players Don’t Like Bungie’s Marathon

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Escape from Tarkov Players Didn't Like Bungie's Marathon

If you’ve been following recent news around Destiny developers, you might have heard that their upcoming projects have been delayed, including Marathon, which is now set to release only in 2025. The official reasons for this decision remain unknown, but it seems there’s now some information to rely on.

Aztecross, a well-known Destiny 2 content creator, recently hosted a stream where he discussed the Bungie layoffs and read an article by Paul Tassi. It mentioned that Marathon is not in the best shape and requires a lot of polishing to become a hit. According to sources Aztecross referred to, such rumors emerged after unsuccessful game testing when Escape from Tarkov (EfT) streamers were allowed to try it out on Marathon summit earlier this year. After playing, they were asked if they would play Marathon again, but none responded positively. Likely, the feedback from these streamers led Bungie to doubt the project.

The Marathon’s delay doesn’t mean the game is bad or uninteresting. As is known, Bungie’s upcoming project is an extraction shooter, with the most popular in this genre being EfT. Based on trailers and detailed reports, these two titles differ significantly, not just in setting but also in gameplay pace. Marathon is likely to be a fast-paced shooter with mechanics similar to Halo and Destiny, while Tarkov is a hyper-realistic tactical simulator where a single shot can change the whole situation.

Escape from Tarkov Marathon

During the stream, Aztecross also came to similar conclusions and was surprised that Bungie didn’t invite Destiny content creators, given that their audience would better understand their title.

Still, it’s interesting to see which audience Bungie will prefer — the hardcore fans of Escape from Tarkov or a more casual audience open to experiments? Only time will tell.

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