How to increase your gear score level fast in lost ark

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Most new players in Lost Ark after reaching level 50 are faced with the problem of a huge amount of game content. Actually, from this moment, the game is just beginning because all that happened earlier up to this point can be called just a long prologue.

Now the character’s progress is not determined by the level, and players will have to improve their GS (gear score). And from that moment, players are usually divided into two types: those who consistently play slowly and learn new mechanics, quests, and activities; or “speedrunners” who want to quickly increase their gear score to reach the current end-game content.

This article will answer the following questions: “What is T1, T2, and T3 in the context of GS level?” “How to Get Lost Ark Tier 3 Equipment?” and “What game activities should you pay attention to when improving equipment?”


There are currently three levels of equipment in Lost Ark, which are determined by the total number of GS on such items as: weapons, gloves, shoulders, helmet, pants, and chest. In each tier, there are important stages of Gear Score improvement, which open access to new game content:

Tier 1 (T1): GS 250, 302, 340, 460, 600

Tier 2 (T2): GS 802, 840, 960, 1100

Tier 3 (T3): GS 1302, 1325, 1340, 1370+

All levels, except 250, are raised by a special Gear Honing NPC, which can be found in any major city.
For leveling, you will need special materials. Each tier will have its own resource names, but the basis will remain the same.

To effectively increase the Gear Score of Equipment, it is necessary to choose the correct order of daily quests and activities that will be focused on obtaining materials.

Let’s look at this topic in more detail.


When your character reaches level 50 (Fast Leveling Guide), you must complete the main quest in North Vern and receive 250 GS equipment. After that, a new main quest (a globe icon) will appear, which unlocks new content β€” Guardian Raids and Chaos Dungeons. Daily Una’s Tasks will also become available (you can check this with Alt+J). Don’t forget to visit Beatrice at Trixion. She will give you the quest for your first character’s Awakening skill and last regular level 50 skill.

Now it’s all ready for gearing. There are three primary daily tasks that must be completed:

  1. Chaos/Abyssal Dungeons
  2. Una’s Tasks
  3. Guardian Raids

After these tasks, you are free to choose any other activities that you like. They will also bring additional resources to increase the level of equipment, but they will require much more time and have weekly limits. For example, these can be: PVP Islands and Arena, Towers, Cubes, Procyon Eye Compass, Island Exploration, Collectibles, Adventure and Normal Quests, etc.

By the way, you can purchase as a service the pass of many of the listed activities on our website in the Lost Ark section.

TIER 1 EQUIPMENT (302-600)

There are three ways to get the first set of gear, 302 Gear Score:

1) Complete the main quest on the continent of Shushire

2) Daily Chaos Dungeons

3) Buying for gold at Auction House

This equipment you need to upgrade for 340 GS (each item must be upgraded to +2). At this level, you must complete Abyssal Dungeons: Demon Beast Canyon and Necromancer’s Origin, and you can get an Epic Set of equipment. With the help of the Gear Honing NPC, you can transfer level +2 from your gear to a new Epic Set and keep improving it for the next stage of 460 GS (+8 each item).

Reach this stage and a new main quest will be available. This will take you to the Western Sea and a new continent called Rohendel, the homeland of the Sylvains.

“A land of abundant blessings with the light of creation. Rohendel’s Sylvains excel in magic, living a conservative and naturalistic life under the protection of Elzowin, the Divine Tree.” (In-game description of Rohendel)

After completing the main storyline, new variants of Abyssal and Chaos Dungeons will open. So, you can get equipment of Legendary quality from there.

The last stage on Tier 1 is transferring your GS level from epic (460, +8 on each item) to the new legendary set and.. the final road to 600 GS (+15 for each item).

TIER 2 EQUIPMENT (802-1100)

To be honest, the stages of increasing the level of equipment on Tier 2 are very similar. You also sail to a new continent, complete the main quest, discover new variants of Abyssal and Chaos Dungeons, and get new equipment to improve it. Let’s briefly review these points.

After receiving 600 GS level, your character will go to the continent of Yorn, the land of Umars.

“Who controls environmental inconveniences through crafting skills, was refined over a long period of time to take on its present majestic appearance” (In-game description of Yorn).

Just like before, complete the main quest and get equipment from the new Chaos Dungeon. You can also buy it for gold at the Auction House.

This set has a Gear Score 802 that you can start improving for new T2 resources.

When your character reaches 840 GS (+2 each item), a new Abyssal Dungeon will become available. So, you can obtain an Epic set of equipment from there. Similarly, you transfer gear level +2 to this set and keep improving it for the next stage of 960 GS (+8 for each item). When you get to the next gear level, there is a new main quest to explore new lands called Feiton.

“A barren land where life is rarely found, due to the poisonous energy that began to fume out during the Chain War. Populated by unique creatures adapted to its harsh environment, this is where the Delains who ran from Sacria’s merciless attacks settled.” (In-game description of Feiton)

Here you also unlock new Abyssal and Chaos Dungeons, get Legendary equipment, and your gear progression increases up to 1100 GS (+15 per item). This is the starting point for Tier 3.

TIER 3 EQUIPMENT (1100-1370+)

Finally, you have reached the final lap on the way to the actual content of the game. When your character reaches the 1100 GS level, you will go to the new Punika land on the main quest.

“A beautiful island country located at the southern tip of Arkesia. On this beautiful island, where the clear, calm sea and the scorching sun fatten many fruits, preparations for a festival are in full swing to commemorate the Holy Beast, who protected them during the Chain War.” (In-game description of Punika)

After completing this quest and discovering new Abyssal and Chaos Dungeons, you will be able to get the first Tier 3 equipment set (1302 GS).

The next upgrade to the 1325 Gear Score Level will take much longer than it did on T1 and T2. More resources will be needed, and each item must be increased to +6.

Later, you gain access to the new Abyssal and Chaos Dungeons and get the Epic Set from there. You can transfer the previous GS level to it and keep upgrading to +15.

Congratulations! You have reached the 1370 GS level! All the way up to this point, you can go solo, without the help of other players, party, etc.

But now, the difficulty of the game increases. πŸ™‚

AFTER 1370+

As for the further increase in gear level, it moves from the usual Abyssal dungeons to dangerous Raid instances. From now on, you need a well-coordinated team. You must know the mechanics and stages of each boss. Here you can choose for yourself β€” try to find your own team of other players, or join an experienced guild. Or you can contact us for help β€” we provide services for the successful closure of such raids β€” Argos, Valtan, and more (coming soon).


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