What Lost Ark Class Should You play?

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Lost Ark has quite a large selection of classes to choose from. In the Korean version, there are already more than 20 of them. They are gradually being transferred to other regions. In this article, we will analyze in more detail the roles of game characters and give an overview of their abilities. We hope that after reading, you will be able to decide on which class to play in Lost Ark.


In Lost Ark, there are no typical classes like “exclusively tank, straight up ranged or melee dps, or strictly healer”. All characters can and do deal damage regardless of playing in a group or solo. But if we consider raid instances as high-end content that you will have to complete, then we may distinguish three main roles.


Most bosses have a threshold that can be reduced to zero by special abilities with “stagger” effects. Usually, after that, bosses become incapacitated. That leaves a huge opening for damage dealers to make a full rotation of their most powerful abilities. So, a large number of skills with a high “stagger” effect determines your role. In addition to it, there are also skills with effects of “Weak Point” and “Counter”, which in certain situations may also transfer bosses to a state of incapacity.


Opposed to typical MMORPGs, it won’t be possible to constantly restore health because even support classes only have a few healing abilities. The main task of support is to protect and empower your group. They usually have healing spells and temporary shields. There may also be various enchantment boosts. To save the team, the players must be familiar with boss patterns. Support roles include Bard, Paladin, and Gunlancer a little.

There is also an Artist in the Korean version, but they will be added later globaly.


Main focus of this role should be crystal clear to everyone. The main objective is to inflict maximum damage. Some of them can also empower the team, increasing the chances of critical hits, attack speed, etc.

There is a great variety here: there are melee and ranged classes and even some hybrids.

It’s important to understand that your role defines you in terms of group content. Others will anticipate that you will behave in line with your role. If you’re playing solo, it doesn’t matter which role you choose. So, what class to play in lost ark? Let’s figure it out.


Immediately following the prologue at level 10, you will be able to practice each subclass. Unfortunately, not all skills will be accessible — skill-builds cannot be created. Instead, this practice mode is meant to give you a general idea of what characters are capable of, help you assess their abilities, and see how well they match your own.

You will be able to fully unlock the character’s potential only at level 50. Among other things, we have prepared a fast leveling guide to reach max level quickly.

You may also rent a pro or buy a gear boost to save time.


The Warrior architype branches out into plethora of melee classes. All of them have a male gender lock and can be recommended for newer players.


The Berserker has powerful abilities with a wide area of effect and high damage. This detriment more than makes up for the lengthy сooldowns and restricted mobility. A distinctive feature is the ability to fall into rage (Burst Mode). After getting to level 50, you will be able to collect engravings: Berserker Technique (more critical power) or Mayhem (dark power).

In PvP mode, they feel comfortable thanks to a large number of skills with push immunity. The gameplay is more akin to a “hit-and-run” playstyle.

It’s the easiest class in lost ark (or one of them), so we recommend it for beginners.


The Paladin is a lost ark support class. They may switch between two strengthening auras, either for themselves (Sacred Executioner) or others (Holy Aura). First, in solo gameplay, it increases the paladin’s detriment. Another allows you to strengthen or heal group members with Blessed Aura (engraving).

Due to their protection, they are difficult to kill in PvP, so opponents frequently avoid them and opting out to pick a weaker target. Their healing makes them a welcome character in every group.


At first sight, they might be called a traditional tank class, but they are located between stagger and support. They have a ton of shields for themselves or their team. Their mechanic is to fill the Identity Gauge scale when dealing damage. A scale can be used to switch to a Defensive Stance. When a character is in a Defensive Stance, they receive temporary hit points (shields) that absorb incoming damage. It is the only character that has Taunt (Shout of Hatred). Thanks to that, they can cancel a lot of dangerous boss abilities.

In PvP, the Gunlancer is the most difficult character is to kill. Opponents will hate them and will try to avoid a fight. Gunlancers are extremely resilient and can charge into a group of foes. Restricted mobility offsets all of this.


The slowest guy in the Lost Ark who deals out massive burst damage. After being struck by concentration skills, they generate cores. They are used for Gravity Release Skills to deal additional damage. Almost all destroyer abilities have a “stagger” effect, which expands their role in a group beyond damage dealing.

In group PvP, destroyers are the most op class. Due to their high survival rate, it is almost as good as Gunlancer, but at the same time, they dish out a lot of damage. Low mobility makes it easy to avoid destroyers, but if they reach you, then there is a risk of dying from a full skill rotation.


This archetype has full-fledged lost ark ranged classes. All of them have a female gender lock. They usually stand out because they have a lot of attack spells but little health. A new Summoner mage will be added in the future.


The Sorceress deals a huge area of effect damage and also enhances her powers. By consuming Identity Gauge, she may use Arcana Rupture to increase damage or blink teleportation. Despite Blink, she has poor mobility in general, so it is very important to position her correctly.

Sorceresses frequently become a priority target in PvP because they only have a few skills that have push immunity.

It is essential to cooperate as a team to win group battles.

In conclusion, the sorceress is a traditional ranged mage who deals damage and has limited mobility.


It’s the most popular lost ark class, which is also a popular support role. At first, it might seem challenging to play solo in PvE, but once she has improved her engravings, she will feel at ease. By employing skills and defeating bosses, bards can charge their Serenade Meter Identity Gauge. Bards typically use their abilities to give their team various benefits and effects while increasing their Serenade Meter — Serenade of Salvation to heal their party members, Serenade of Courage for a significant attack buff.

Bards require allies, much like the Sorceress does in PvP, but she has many effects that grant push immunity. Bards control enemies during fights while also defending and healing their team.

Bards are best if you’ve always preferred to play healers in games.


An Arcanist is primarily a damage dealer, but in general, she may be called a Lost Ark fun class. Because detrimental effects depend on randomness.

Arcanists’ unique mechanic is the acquisition of magic cards, which have a range of advantageous and disadvantageous effects. These side effects, which appear when using spells and attacks, make gameplay feel random because they could result in mana regeneration or debuff attacks (for example). She has melee skills in her rotation. It is necessary to get closer to enemies, which is dangerous.

Due to good mobility, it feels great in PvP. There is some good area of effect spells that allow you to control a group of enemies and deal damage.


The Assassin’s representatives are more nimble and mobile than warriors. While they are less resilient, they can still cause comparable harm at the same time. All of them have a female gender lock.


Strong damage dealer assassin. She may accumulate death orbs (max 3) when using her attacking abilities. After consuming them, she enters a death trance, which lowers her skill cooldowns and unlocks a new death blow that ends the trance after use. Additionally, the deathblade has good area of effect abilities and can inflict an “Open Weakness” effect on opponents (PvE), which increases teammates’ back attacks.

One of the strongest classes in PvP, because of push immunity and crowd control. Disadvantages include long cooldowns of powerful skills and fighting against ranged opponents.


The Shadowhunter is similar to the Berserker in that it may also fall into a rage, turning into a deadly demon. In that form of a demon, she switches to new available skills. They have a good “stagger” effect and cause significant harm. Therefore, shadowhunters can be set as damage dealers or staggers. There is also a variant without a demonic form through a special engraving that increases the effectiveness of ordinary skills. This demonic form puts her in a high place in the PvE/PvP lost ark tier list.

Shadowhunters have a high detriment output and a high kill rate in PvP battles, but because they lack push immunity and suffer from crowd control, they depend heavily on their team.


Except for Soulfist, all of them are primarily melee combatants. These characters are more agile and dynamic than other archetypes. Initially, they had a female gender lock, but later a male Striker fighter was added, which is very similar to Wardancer.


Scrapper has two types of energy – Shock and Stamina. By spending one of them, another one is replenished. As a result, there are two categories of energy that apply to each scrapper’s ability.

In PvE, scrapper is one of the strongest lost ark stagger characters, while it has good burst damage.

In PvP, it shows itself perfectly in 1v1 combat, has high mobility, and is the only scrapper that has double space movement. In mass PvP, they are more like a hit-and-run.


One of the good lost ark starting classes. Glaivier is a spear fighter that has two distinct fighting stances, each of which has its special abilities. By switching between them, bonuses to attack speed or critical chance are activated.

Glaivier is universal in PvE, as it deals average damage and staggers. She possesses a variety of area of effect strike skills.

Because she has a lot of push immunity and crowd control abilities, Glaiver feels comfortable in PvP combat in both 1v1 and group situations.


Soulfist is distinguished by the presence of ranged and melee combat skills. It is also one of the hardest classes in Lost Ark due to its mechanics. Her ordinary skills are very weak, but with her identity buff, they get a boost.

It’s very difficult to deal maximum detriment because the temporary buff has three stages that you need to keep an eye on and switch at the right time. When they are fully buffed, there is a high chance of burst damage.

Thanks to her ranged combat skills and crowd control effects, she feels good in any PvP mode.


These characters are considered the fastest in lost ark. There was only a female character of Wardancer, but later a male version of Striker was added with only minor changes. They have fast strikes with effects of “stagger” and “counter”, medium detriment, and useful group buffs (critical chance).

PvP is difficult due to almost no push immunity, so they usually prefer 1v1 arenas.


All representatives of the gunner’s archetype are mostly ranged fighters with different distances. Initially, they had a male gender lock, but later a female Gunslinger was added, which is very similar to Deadeye.


The guy with a large multifunctional gun. From another point of view, they are one of the easiest and slowest lost ark classes. The artillerist has a high stagger effect on abilities, good damage (per one target or group), and a nice survival rate (thanks to shields).

In both PvP and PvE, mobility, slow casting speed, and a minimal amount of push immunity are the main issues. He may inflict significant harm with strong teamwork.


A character with high attack speed and mobility. He can turn invisible and summon a mechanical hawk for more detriment. Although he has decent burst damage, his long-term progression is quite low. Other players do not like to take him into groups as damage dealers, and he does not have another role.

In PvP, thanks to invisibility and speed, he feels great in any mode and acts as an assassin. He frequently eliminates opponents who have a low HP.


A shooter with a machine gun and a flying drone. He has the ultimate ability to momentarily fuse with his drone and transform into ironman-form gaining a special set of powers. In PvE gameplay, depending on selected engravings, machinists play either through their skills or through Hypersync form.

In a battle with other players, they usually accumulate a charge for Hypersync form, after which he breaks into enemies and causes a lot of injuries. Despite his good mobility, they are team-reliant.


The Lost Ark’s hardest class may legitimately be said to be these characters. They are armed with two submachine guns, two shotguns, and a sniper rifle. By switching between weapons, special shooting skills become available. No other gunner has as many active abilities as these shooters. They have good damage, mobility, and a group buff of critical chance.

These characters have good push immunity and deal a lot of harm at any range in PvP. Weaknesses include a small amount of HP and difficulty in switching abilities.

This concludes our article on the review of all available classes in Lost Ark. Choose wisely! You can always read our other Lost Ark Guides or order lost ark services. We sincerely hope that this information was helpful to you, and we wish you a fun game!

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