1-50 Fast Leveling Guide in Lost Ark

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Any MMORPG begins with an introduction to the game, completing the starting quests and explaining the basic game mechanics. In the case of Lost Ark, it can take several days of slow play because everything that happens to your character up to level 50 can be considered a long prologue.

This article will suggest the most optimal way to level up your character, covering some tricks and secrets that will help you choose the fastest way to level 50. You will learn what points you need to pay attention to first and how to level up quickly in Lost Ark.


Before we start, it is necessary to understand what advantages and disadvantages Lost Ark fast leveling gives. The main idea of speedrunning is to get to the maximum level and start receiving rewards for daily quests and activities. This will allow you to immediately start improving your first Tier 1 equipment and, as a result, come to the actual content of the game faster. You can find more details about the equipment options and upgrades in the article “How to Increase your Gear Score Level Fast.

What about the disadvantages? This can include skipping many activities: Adventure Tomes, Collectibles (such as: Mokoko, World Tree Leaves, Masterpieces, etc.), Life Skills, additional quests, and much more. But after reaching level 50, you can always go back and complete the listed activities. Moreover, 100%-ing Adventure Tomes or collecting Mokoko Seeds can take quite a lot of time, while they practically do not bring experience points for your character’s level.


In fact, it’s pretty simple. Your main goal is to complete the main story quests as quickly as possible without being distracted by anything. On the first continent, you will complete the quests with an orange icon. The continent itself is divided into four locations: Rethramis, Yudia, West Luterra, and East Luterra. All of them include quests, instances for single or group completion, and also cinematic scenes.

After passing the first continent, you will receive your first ship. The main questline will change the icon, and it will now become a light green color with a globe. Marine content becomes available to you, but you should continue to follow the main story and sail to the island of Tortoyk.

“Tortoyk is a rockbound, isolated island. A small but beautiful wildwood forms around the lonely island. Tortoyk is the home of the Mokokos, a race of very tiny, optimistic folk. Within its depths rests a Rock Giant said to have created the island. a rockbound, isolated island. ” (In-game description of Tortoyk)

There are quite a lot of secondary and hidden tasks on the island, which you can return to later. Here you will also get Heart’s Melody. Your main goal is to get the Ark and move to the next continent, Anikka.

“A country surrounded by forests and valleys with a tranquil atmosphere. Each family of Anikka, who values martial arts discipline, competes for the respected position of the Grandmaster. ” (In-game description of Annika)

The story arc of this continent will run parallel to the martial arts tournament, where your character will also take part. We can consider this a kind of prologue to the future PVP arena between players. After completing the main chain of quests, you should sail to the Artherine country.

“Arthetine is a country established in the barren desert by Cykins, a race of technocrats who bleed blue. Cykins are development-oriented radicals, and they are not afraid to augment their body parts or invent weird machines for the sake of evolution. ” (In-game description of Arthetine)

This continent can be considered the last one that we need to go through completely, like the previous ones. There are two options: you either gain level 50 or you remain 49. The difference may occur if, during the passage of the main story quest chain on Arthetine, you completed several secondary (yellow) quests along with the main ones. In both cases, you will need to go further to the central continent of North Vern, where after completing yet another prologue you will receive the hypothetical missing xp, to level up to 50.

Congratulations, you have reached level 50! By completing the purple quests of Chaos Dungeons, Una’s Quest, and Raids, you can get your first Tier 1 equipment and start improving it.

Everything described above should take you 9–11 hours. This is much faster than the usual completion of all quests and activities on the way to level 50.


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