Riot Confirmed Arcane Season 2 Won’t Arrive in 2023

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Riot Confirmed Arcane Season 2 Won't Arrive in 2023

LoL fans in general and Arcane lovers, you will have to wait a while longer for the series’s return to the silver screen. Riot has confirmed that its Season 2 won’t arrive in 2023

League of Legends adaptation has been nothing short of phenomenal. It has set a more than high standard for other video games should they decide to go in the same direction. Despite being released two years ago, its grand impact is still palpable even now. Thus, it’s no wonder that fans are craving any piece of information from the developers about a continuation.

Riot Confirmed Arcane Season 2 Won't Arrive in 2023
(Source: Riot)

Luckily for the community, recently, Riot Games CEO Nicolo Laurent has decided to share updates on the progress of the series’s second part. In an interview with the renowned LoL caster Guan Ze Yuan, he disclosed that while the season is under production, it’s not yet ready to be released. So, fans will have to wait a little longer. There are two reasons for the delay:

“I just watched the third episode of Season 2 before my flight to China, so we’re making progress on it. It is not ready yet, and there’s two reasons for that. One, you want the quality, you just don’t wanna rush, and so that takes time. So that’s the good reason. The bad reason is honestly like, we didn’t know if Season 1 was gonna be a success… If I had known we could have started Season 2 way earlier, but we didn’t know so we kind of waited a bit and so now we’re paying the price, so it’s unfortunately not going to be this year.”

Nicolo Laurent

Details regarding what will happen next are still shrouded in mystery. However, fans can rejoice knowing that the voice actors behind Vi, Jinx, and Caitlyn will reprise their roles. Moreover, Riot Games is still partnering with the talented Fortiche Productions. Not just for Arcane, but also for undisclosed projects yet to be announced. 

Despite the delay, Arcane Season 2’s hype remains all-time high. After all, the series’s debut took the world by storm, garnering critical acclaim and accolades from viewers and critics alike. It also achieved a historic milestone by becoming the first streaming program to clinch an Emmy for Outstanding Animated Program.

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