Riot Apologized for the Faulty Design in ARAM Map

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During the 2023 Pre-Season, Riot has applied many new tweaks to ARAM. They balanced the champions and gameplay mechanics. Many updates also made entrance to the famous single-lane map. Yet, not all changes are welcomed. Especially the Hexgates located at the main nexus position and the new falling towers. These are two of the latest features that sparked controversy in the LoL community.

Due to the portal mechanism, the defeated and revived player can immediately return to the battlefield. Adding falling towers and more bushes also limits players’ vision and range of activities. Minion waves move slower because of the implementations and are quickly destroyed.

Both teams have to struggle with pushing the tower and destroying the nexus due to the lack of minions. An ARAM match now lasts as long as in the Summoner’s Rift.

Recently, the developers have admitted the design is faulty. These new mechanics and powerful items for tanks in the 2023 season make winning seem impossible. Even though your team is in the leading position with a lot of damage. After all, how can you process to destroy their base if you have no minions? While that, their tanks are giving hell to your squishier teammates without even taking damage.

The number of ARAM players is drastically decreasing. But, after Riot’s apology, you can rest assured that the single-lane map will soon have modifications to better suit its game mode’s nature.

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