League of Legends Preseason 2023: Updates and News

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The League of Legends (LoL) Preseason 2023 arrived on November 16. It lasts about 3 months, bringing lots of news and updates. If you are under the LoL curse, you’re welcome to read about tons of the game’s renovations and evaluate if you should keep playing. But, well, we all know the answer. So let’s dive in.


Casting away the bugs of its former self, the return of Chemtech Drake promises to bring fresh experiences. When the Drake is slain:


The Jungle rework is one of LoL Preseason’s 2023 main subjects.

Being a Jungler can be lonely. Especially if your team never helps with objectives. Understanding this, Riot has created Jungle pets – companions for Junglers to replace the traditional jungle items. You can purchase them with gold at the in-game shop. Your pet will evolve from an egg to its final form and empower its owners with different buffs.

Leashing indicators have made their entrance and will reveal how far you can pull camps before they are fed up with chasing after you. The pulling range is decreased.

You can no longer use the “I’ve never jungled before” to avoid having to play this position. Riot has added Jungle pathing recommendations, which are based on high win-rate routes of professional players and are constantly revised. This helps newbies get familiar with the jungle and renders your reasoning invalid.


LoL requires teamwork and good communication. That’s why the number of pings is doubled. New vision and off-screen pings are also added to help with map awareness and control.

Objectivevoting made its way into LoL. Instead of letting the Jungler go solo Baron and perish alone while Laners are still busy with last-hitting minions, you and everyone on your team can immediately voice your opinions, avoiding the blaming battle.


Your team’s wards will look different 60–30 seconds before it expires.

If you are able to ping in time when an enemy ward is placed, a timer will start ticking. It only disappears when the ward is expired or removed.


In-game recommendations for Abilities, Rune pages, and Summoner Spells are now available.

12 new or returning and updated items are now fully stocked in the shops:

Our favorite champions are nerfed. Our teammates act like obnoxious bots. Our enemies battle like reincarnated Fakers. Yet, for some reason, we still find our way back into the toxic relationship with League of Legends. If you ever want to escape from the hell of Bronze and Silver, WowVendor is always ready to assist.

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