League of Legends: Goodbye Summoner Names, Hello Riot IDs

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League of Legends: Goodbye Summoner Names, Hello Riot IDs

Riot has announced a significant adjustment in League of Legends. The traditional Summoner Names will soon be replaced by Riot IDs because of lore reasons. Riot IDs will arrive on November 20, driven by the studio’s vision for a cohesive gaming experience across their titles.

Why Summoner Names Is Being Removed

League of Legends lore continues evolving day after day. It’s recently solidified by Arcane being confirmed as the game’s canon lore. Unlike before, the champions’ stories now boast a significant layer of depth and details. And so, the original concept of players as Summoners bringing champions to the rift has now become a limiting factor. 

The developers believe this concept stifles the potential growth of both champions and the broader world of LoL. Consequently, they have opted to shift the focus from the Summoners to the champions themselves. And in doing so, the previous Summoner Name system is being replaced to better align with the studio’s plan for the future.

How do I Find My Riot ID

If you want to know what your Riot ID is, here are two ways to help you identify it. 

The first method is to log into your account at account.riotgames.com. You will immediately see your Riot ID at the top of the list in “Account Management.” This is also where you can change your Riot ID as well. 

(Source: Riot)

Another way to check your Riot ID is by logging into League of Legends. Hover your mouse on your profile picture at the top right to reveal your information, including your Riot ID. 

(Source: Riot)

Do I have to do anything to change from Summoner Name to Riot ID

The answer is no. The studio has promised a seamless shift without requiring any action on your part.

How to Change My Riot ID

With the implementation of the new system on November 20, you will receive an initial free name change. After that, you can alter your name once per year. Should you wish to make additional adjustments to your name beyond that, a fee of $10 will apply. Riot has outlined several reasons for this decision: 

“There are a few reasons we decided on this system and we want to explain them here: 

  • As the primary name of a player, how you choose to identify yourself in the game should have a bit of weight to it. In addition, it can be hard to track a larger friends list with constant name changes, and no one likes to lose track of that Skye main with crisp comms and clutch heals.
  • With Riot ID becoming the standard across all of our titles, the ability to change your name for free every 30 days just isn’t something we can do from a technical and business perspective. The 365-day cooldown is aimed at striking a balance that both encompasses the majority of name changes by players while also providing an option for players who want to change their names more often than that.”
— Riot Games

Riot predicted that there would be mixed feelings about the current situation. And they were right. Players have already expressed their discontentment across the internet.

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