Arcane 2 official teaser trailer: Jinx, Warwick, and a new champion?

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Riot has dropped Arcane 2 official teaser trailer, with the second season being the last. It features Jinx, Warwick, Ekko, Vi, Caitlyn, and probably even a new Yordle champion, and that’s not all!

Arcane 2 official teaser trailer: Jinx, Warwick, and a new champion?

Key Takeaways

  • Arcane 2 will be the final season. However, this won’t be the final animation based on League of Legends.
  • The Arcane 2 official teaser trailer showcases familiar faces like Vi, Caitlyn, and Jinx, along with other characters, including Warwick, Sevika, a mysterious Yordle with prosthetic limbs, and more.

Coming this November to Netflix, Arcane 2 promises much potential. The new official teaser trailer offers glimpses of more characters, including our main trio Vi, Caitlyn, and Jinx, alongside others like Warwick, Heimerdinger, Ekko, Sevika, and Silco’s loyalists. There’s also a brand-new gritty Yordle with prosthetic limbs whose name remains unknown. However, Jayce and Viktor are still nowhere to be seen.

With Jinx’s ulti destroying Piltover’s council chambers and hints from the trailer, it seems most council members are dead or gravely injured. Mel’s fate hangs by a thread. And there’s a high possibility that she is no more. Her mother, Ambessa Medarda, appears ready to bring further chaos to the already turbulent conflicts between the twin cities.

Jinx in Arcane 2

As for Jinx, there isn’t any trace of the once-innocent Powder left. In the latest Arcane 2 official teaser trailer, it appears even Vi has abandoned all hope of bringing her sister back. Vi now fully acknowledges her sister as Jinx, the dangerous, erratic criminal who spells destruction and madness.

Arcane 2 will be the final season

Show creators Christian Linke and Alex Yee have confirmed that the upcoming season will be Arcane’s last. However, League of Legends fans need not despair. During a LoL dev update today, Christian Linke stated that Arcane 2 won’t be the final animated tale based on the franchise. This suggests we can anticipate stories from other regions, such as Noxus, Demacia, Ionia, and beyond. And along with it, more of our favorite champions will definitely come to the silver screen in future productions.

What do you think of Arcane 2’s latest trailer? How do you think the season will end? Which region’s lore would you like to see explored next? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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