Arcane 2 latest teaser: Time skip, and is that zombie Silco?

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Only in 12 seconds, Arcane 2 latest teaser has been able to captured fans interest and sends chills down their spines.

Arcane 2 latest teaser: Time skip, and is that zombie Silco?

Earlier today, Arcane’s official Twitter account released a brief teaser for Season 2, sparking excitement across the League of Legends community. The clip lasts only 12 seconds. Yet, it’s packed with details that riled up fans with countless speculations of what’s to come.

While no official details have been confirmed, several intriguing hints have emerged. A 10-year time skip. Vi and Caitlyn in their new Enforcer armor, standing alongside their new teammates of “Piltover’s finest.” And, of course, the sickly green guy standing on the far right.

But first, we’ll let you watch the teaser. Then, we’ll dive into a deeper discussion about everything that’s happening. Please note that everything in this article is based on our own speculations, and nothing has been officially confirmed yet.

Watch Arcane 2 latest teaser

Arcane 2 latest teaser: Ren and time skip

The main focus of the teaser is, of course, the in-game champions Vi and Caitlyn. However, the other three new characters alongside this duo are also worth your attention. The bearded man with a giant shield seems like a reliable support for our ADC Caitlyn, or perhaps he’s a tanky top laner. Yet, the real point of interest is the red-haired girl on the far left, who bears a striking resemblance to Ren, a character from Season 1.

Being a minor character, perhaps not many people remember who Ren is. She’s the daughter of Marcus, the corrupt Sheriff in Season 1.

Arcane 2 latest teaser: Time skip, and is that zombie Silco?

Back then, she was but a child. But in Arcane 2 latest teaser, she appears to be in her mid to late teens, leading to speculation about the time lapse between Jinx’s Pentakill and the scene shown here.

Arcane 2 latest teaser: Time skip, and is that zombie Silco?

The general consensus among fans is that 10 years have passed. But we will have to wait and see if that holds true. After all, the teaser doesn’t confirm whether this scene is from the beginning of Arcane Season 2. The season might start by addressing the aftermath of Jinx’s destruction. Vi’s struggle to reconcile her identity as both a Zaunite and an Enforcer. How the new Piltover team comes together. All that alongside other characters’ story development.

Many questions surround the fates of Ekko, Jayce, Victor, Singed, Vander, maybe even Orianna, and more. Maybe over the course of the season, the narrative will build towards a final showdown where “Piltover’s finest” face off against the notorious blue-haired criminal from Zaun and ended in a tearful finale, just as Jinx’s voice actor hinted before. But, these are just our speculations. We will have to wait and see.

Arcane 2 Vi’s new suit is an easter egg to her in-game design

Arcane 2 latest teaser: Time skip, and is that zombie Silco?

The pink frills visible underneath Vi’s armor are a delightful nod to her in-game design. It’s a significant easter egg that has not gone unnoticed. Whether we will see her original look in Arcane Season 2 remains to be seen, but we are certainly hopeful!

Arcane 2 Silco may have become a zombie

Arcane 2 latest teaser: Time skip, and is that zombie Silco?

“Who’s the green guy next to Vi?” is one of the most frequently asked questions among Arcane fans. His facial structure reminds many of Silco, raising curiosity about how Riot might explain his presence. Silco was killed by Jinx in Season 1, so his return seems unlikely without some twist.

One theory is that the Enforcers obtained his corpse and conducted experiments on it. But that seems like more of a Singed’s thing, especially with the iconic green color of Zaun. If Singed or even Dr. Mundo is behind a zombie Silco, it raises more questions: why would zombie Silco end up with the Enforcers? So many questions remain unanswered, and for now, all we have are speculations.

Where is Jinx in Arcane 2 latest teaser?

Arcane 2 latest teaser: Time skip, and is that zombie Silco?

Jinx is nowhere to be seen in Arcane 2 latest teaser. She was also missing from the previous one, which featured Singed and Warwick. This absence raises the question: where is Jinx?

For now, there is no clear answer. We can only speculate that our beloved blue-haired criminal might be assembling a team of her own to wreak even more havoc on the twin cities.

What about you? Did the teaser send excitement your way? What are your speculations? Let us know all about it in the comments!

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