Helldivers 2 Transmog Will Never Happen, Developer Said

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Arrowhead CEO Johan Pilestedt commented on Twitter (X) that Helldivers 2 transmog system will never happen. “We are not doing transmog,” Pilestedt said in reply to one fan’s suggestion.

Since the release of Helldivers 2 in February, some players have been asking for a transmog system for the game’s countless armor pieces. Most of the armor in Helldivers 2 doesn’t look good together unless they are out of the same set.

Transmogrification would allow players to change only the appearance of a character’s armor without affecting its stats.

Despite numerous requests from players to modify armor in the game, the developers have their own opinions on this matter. “It doesn’t make sense — equipment looks different because it has different effects”, said Pilestedt on his Twitter.

While Pilestedt’s answer will likely disappoint some Helldivers 2 players, it fits well with the game’s philosophy. Everything works, as it should, from weapon firing to enemy weaknesses. The missions themselves take place in real time and are based on community actions.

Much of Helldivers 2’s appealing gameplay comes from its visual design. Therefore, the transmog system will undoubtedly ruin this experience in Helldivers 2.

“Swapping one for the other is like having an apple that tastes like bacon or the other way around”, Pilestedt explained.

What do you think about Johan Pilestedt’s words? Do you agree with his opinion or would you like to modify your armor in Helldivers 2?

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