Sony Delisted Helldivers 2 in Even More Countries

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Recently, it became known that Sony delisted Helldivers 2 on Steam from three more countries: Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. The game is now unavailable in 180 countries.

Johan Pilestedt, Arrowhead CEO, said on the official Discord that the developers don’t know anything about delisting Helldivers 2 on Steam in three more countries, so this is entirely Sony’s initiative.

We have already reported earlier that the drama surrounding Helldivers 2 and PSN received massive publicity in the media, and review bombing on Steam from angry fans forced Sony to reverse its decision.

Pilestedt, on his Twitter (X), even promised to add a cape to the game with a design based on graphs showing Helldivers 2’s fallen rating on Steam.

But jokes aside, when the dust settled after the drama, and Sony reversed the mandatory linking of the Steam account to the PlayStation Network account, the consequences remained. Reddit user HellDuke, who wanted a refund for Helldivers 2, shared a screenshot of the Steam Support response. The Support Agent replied that Helldivers 2 isn’t available in some regions, as the publisher decided.

(Source: redditor HellDuke)

However, as it turned out later, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania came under restriction as a continuation of the previous delisting and not the new one. Ghost of Tsushima, another game published by Sony, will be released on May 16, and the PSN linking there will definitely be mandatory. Users who pre-ordered the game on Steam are massively applying for refunds.

With this in mind, SteamDB recently discovered that Ghost of Tsushima will not be available in the Baltic countries either. The same thing happened with Helldivers 2, which once again proves it’s Sony’s fault.

Pilestedt has repeatedly assured on Twitter that he’s negotiating with Sony to relist Helldivers 2 on Steam in all countries without PSN. Let’s hope this will happen soon.

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