New Helldivers 2 Leaks: Vehicles, Weapons, and Objections

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The rapidly developing world of Super Earth will continue to surprise players. New Helldivers 2 leaks have appeared online.

New Vehicles

According to rumors, another vehicle will soon arrive in the game, in addition to Motorbikes, Tanks, and Exosuits. The new vehicle will be the Colony Rover.

(Source: IronS1ghts)

Players could already see broken rovers on some planets, but they were more of an element of the environment. The new Colony Rover will become a fully controlled vehicle. According to the leaks, a Super-Earth vehicle already has driving properties and placeholder animations.

Also, redditor Emptynesz shared the gameplay of the future EXO-49 Emancipator Exosuit. According to them, it will have two uses with a cooldown of ten minutes. Damage is 300+60 Direct Hit and 150+150 Explosion.

Finally, user ForerunnerLore showed off the untextured Automaton Barrager Tank Turret.

(Source: ForerunnerLore)

New Weapons

There are many speculations about new weapons and guns in Helldivers 2. A new passive healing option from the Medical Backpack Stratgem is being actively discussed on Reddit.

In addition, user Emptynesz demonstrated the leaks of a new Anti-Tank Mines Stratgem. This will be extremely useful against heavy Automatons.

Besides Stratgems, there is speculation about new guns. Most likely they will be included in Warbond. According to rumors, the new guns will be:

(Source: Arrowhead)

New Objections

Redditor IronS1ghts, already familiar to us, also published animations of new Objections.

The first is called the Hivebuster and will be an exclusive objective against Terminids. Your team will be told to locate a nearby underground Hive Core. Upon finding it, you will call down the Hivebuster.

Your team must defend the Hivebuster while it drills into the Hive Core. Once drilled into it, the Hivebuster will deliver a nuclear payload to blow up the remains of the hive.

The next one is called Communications Relay, which apparently is Truth Transmitter from the first Helldivers game. More likely, it will be an exclusive objective against Automatons.


We have collected the most interesting and new Helldivers 2 leaks without spoilers of the main story. We hope you liked this article, share in the comments which vehicles, weapons, or objections you are most looking forward to!

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