Helldivers 2: TCS Scientists Are Now under Investigation

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Following the Termind outbreak that requires Helldivers to deactivate the Terminid Control System, TCS scientists are now under investigation.

Helldivers 2: TCS Scientists Are Now under Investigation

With the Termicide now speeding up the bug reproduction rates, Strohmann News recently provided an update on the TCS failure. As per the Ministry of Science, initially, the Termicide effectively eradicated 99.6% of bugs across all Barrier Planets. However, on Meridia, surviving bugs evolved resistance to Termicide and now reproduce at a rate 20 times faster than before.

The mutation triggered by Termicide seemed to be random. Nevertheless, reports suggest that if not addressed, a similar scenario will soon unfold on other Barrier Planets, notably Erata Prime, Fenrir 3, and Turing. Helldivers are now rushing to disable all TCS units before this happens. Meanwhile, the TCS scientists responsible for Termicide’s development have been apprehended. Dr. Egon Sonntag, Dr. Freda Harber, and Dr. Pauline Dupont are now under investigation.

Approved by the Ministry of Truth.

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