Helldivers 2 Tips and Tricks: 15 Advices for Beginners

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Get ready to learn all the Helldivers 2 Tips and Tricks to become a Pro-Helldiver!

Helldivers 2 Beginners Guide

2024 started well for gamers with top-notch game releases, including Helldivers 2 (HD2). This third-person shooter, created by Arrowhead Game Studios and published by Sony, is a sequel to a top-down shooter that was really good back in the PS4 era. With a change in perspective and more elaborate gameplay, the studio attracted many players interested in destroying aliens and spreading democracy. It’s no wonder many started searching for Helldivers 2 beginner guide!

HD2 may look like a typical third-person shooter but don’t be fooled. This game will surprise you in a variety of aspects, including even such simple things as teamwork, which unites even random players. Today, in this Helldivers 2 guide, we’ll tell you everything you need to know to be ultimate Helldiver. Not only will you become an excellent and valuable soldier, but you’ll also be able to spread democracy more effectively than ever!

So, let us start our Helldivers 2 for beginners article and dive, dive, and once again dive to win the fight!

Learn the Helldivers 2 Hidden Mechanics and Controls

Let’s start with something simple but very important at the same time. Yes, in any game, it is important to know the controls, but in HD2, it is especially important. The tutorial does an excellent job of teaching the basics, but there are many hidden gameplay features that you might only discover after playing for dozens of hours or more. Or you can just read the Helldivers 2 gameplay guide.

For example, you can avoid using in-game chat and instead use special communication commands (R1 on PS or Q on PC). You can indicate to your teammates what to do, where to go, where the enemies are, or how to help, as well as to thank or greet them.

Helldivers 2 Hidden Mechanics

Another good example is the Helldivers 2 first person aiming ability, crucial for more accurate shooting from your weapon. Moreover, each gun can be customized during the game (hold ▢ for PS or hold R on PC), allowing you to change how they play ultimately. The best example is the Railgun, which has a Safe mode that prevents the weapon from overheating. Deactivating it allows for even stronger chargers, causing colossal damage. Although this may lead to Railgun’s exploding, you must watch each shot from the first person to prevent it.

Your Weapon Choice Plays a Vital Role

It may not surprise many with these tips, but we’re here to recommend which weapons you should equip to create one of the Helldivers 2 best loadouts. 

As we’ve already said, the Railgun often comes in handy against shield opponents, and it’s a perfect support weapon for late-game content. Next, you must obtain the P19 Redeemer Mag and SG-225 Breaker Shotgun, as both guns will serve you wonderfully, having high damage and excellent rate of fire. You can unlock them on pages 2 and 4 in the local Battle Pass called Warbond, which we will discuss in the next segment. So, remember what you need to farm after starting out in Helldivers 2.

Helldivers 2 Weapons

Get Useful Items from Warbond and Cosmetics in the End

Did you know that a player can unlock only some items to progress in Warbond? So, here’s how Helldivers 2 Warbond system works. Once you’ve spent enough medals, a new page with additional items will become available to you. To make the most of your medals, we recommend selecting useful items first, such as weapons, grenades, boosters, and armor, before moving on to other items.

Helldivers 2 Medals Farming

Unlock all the desired items from Warbond by choosing the help from the best Helldivers in the universe!

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Choose Helldivers 2 Armor for a Specific Mission

When we talked about helpful things in the previous segment of the Helldivers 2 guide for beginners, we didn’t mention your armor for no reason. 

There are three Helldivers 2 armor types: light, medium, and heavy. Your armor directly affects your stats and provides additional effects, such as expanded stimulant slots or reduced damage from explosions. All of them are useful in certain situations, where heavy armor is useful for defense, and light armor is valid on large maps where you need to move quickly.

Helldivers 2 Tips and Tricks

Pick Stratagems and Boosters Wisely

Before starting a mission, players are constantly requested to decide which Stratagems and Boosters they will pick. These items can completely alter the course of the situation, so after choosing a mission, you should think about what exactly might be helpful here.

Let’s go through our brief Helldivers 2 Stratagems guide. You must definitely take support weapons and turrets, which often save your life by quickly destroying or distracting enemies. In some missions, these stratagems can be practical: 

Boosters, in turn, apply to the whole team and make everyone’s life easier, allowing players to get more revives or not to receive damage to their limbs. Your team should consider what might be reasonable to all of you and make a joint decision.

First Bugs and Automatons After

Finally, we got to the main problem among beginners: the choice of enemies with whom they want to fight initially. Some players go straight to perform the global task of destroying Automatons, but we recommend you go to exterminate Terminids. Those robots from funny memes really pose a massive danger to unprepared players, so it’s better to visit them only after reaching level 20 or getting better guns, as mentioned in the tips above. Remember these Helldivers 2 gameplay tips or Automaton are going to ruin your experience.

Helldivers 2 Stratagems

Well-Coordinated Team = Living Team

HD2 is a team-based game, and although you can accomplish a lot playing solo, it’s much better to find comrades to spread democracy with. Together, you will be able to perform objectives much more effectively by splitting up to explore the map in groups and take down enemies that sometimes require joint efforts to destroy. Don’t forget about Stratagems, some of which are intended for use by the whole team, and weapons that require a comrade to fully use. Overall, a good team is essential for success in the game, and it is important to remember in our Helldivers 2 new player guide.

Get Your Support Weapons in the Beginning

Once again, it is a simple tip, but knowing it will help you understand how to survive in Helldivers 2 early game. As soon as you land on the planet, immediately use Stratagems to call for a support weapon. If you make it your habit, then you won’t have problems with not having powerful weapons in certain situations, and your teammates are going to repeat after you, making it their habit, too.

Support Weapons in the Beggining

Don’t Reload Your Weapon after Every Shot

The reloading system in this game is not quite usual for shooters, and that’s why this is one of the main Helldivers 2 beginner tips. By reloading your magazine, you lose all the bullets that were in that magazine. That’s why you should completely empty it or bring it to the minimum before reloading.

Stims is Your Best Friend

When you are in a hopeless situation surrounded by dozens of enemies and have unused Stims, then use them immediately. In addition to replenishing your HP, you temporarily get constant healing, allowing you to try to take down enemies or regroup from them by jumping off a cliff or running away from them. Sometimes, running away is the best strategy.

Helldivers 2 Stims

Look for Enemies’ Weak Spots

You might have guessed about the existence of Helldivers 2 enemies weak spots. Shooting enemies thoughtlessly is a bad idea here. Some opponents have armor penetration, which can’t be pierced with ordinary guns, so you need to choose another weapon or look for other ways to hit them, bypassing their armor.

For example, Charger Terminid can be defeated by simply shooting its legs with a powerful weapon or shooting at the orange squishy part behind it if you still have not unlocked the required weapons. The Automatons, on the other hand, can mostly be destroyed by shooting in the head, blowing them up, or approaching them from behind to simply exterminate them or blow up their battery.

Fight Only When Necessary

That’s one of the most important Helldivers 2 pro tips and tricks. As much as you would like to destroy any foes constantly, sometimes it’s better to bypass them. That’s, of course, not so important in early difficulties, but the higher the difficulty, the less recommended to attack them. The whole point is that small enemies can call for reinforcements, causing you to fight a whole wave of enemies for several minutes, taking a lot of your time and sometimes leading to the loss of many lives and even mission failure.

Complete the Main Objective

When you decide where to land, it’s best to land closer to the primary task. Knowing this fact is the best way in becoming a better Helldiver 2 player. The main priority in missions is precisely the main objective, followed by side quests and your survival in the end. Even if you completed the main quest and your team passed, you still successfully completed the mission and got all the experience. The authorities first want to achieve the mission’s goals, and after that, everything else.

Helldivers 2 Main Objective

When Time Is up, You Still Have a Chance to Complete the Mission

Have you noticed the timer in every mission but are unsure of its purpose? Well, good for you because Helldivers 2 mission timer explained here. The timer is not a countdown to the end of the mission but rather to when the main ship will leave the planet and stop providing support, meaning that you won’t have additional lives and Stratagems. Still, you’ll have a chance to complete the mission and evacuate. 

So, don’t worry if time is running out, but remember that as soon as it ends, your main objective will be to “Survive.”

Helldivers 2 Gameplay Guide

Do Not Forget to Adjust Helldivers 2 Settings

The settings in HD2 are pretty diverse and can significantly help in mastering Helldivers 2. The first thing you can change is the Remember Aim Mode option, which affects how you will aim: 

Another good option to make sure of is Compass Ordinal Directions, which shows or removes the compass at the top of the screen. With its help, you can tell teammates from which side the task or enemies are located, helping in navigation much better than any explanation.

There are quite a lot of settings, so we recommend watching a separate video on this topic:

Final Words on Helldivers 2 Beginner Tips and Tricks

Great job, soldier! You have now learned many valuable tips for getting started in Helldivers 2. If you found this guide helpful, please leave a comment and give it a thumbs up. This will indicate to us that you would like to see more guides similar to this one in the future.

In the meantime, we recommend familiarizing yourself with the Helldivers 2 Services. If you need help and want to save your time but get the desired materials, currency, or level, then this is what you need. Our professionals can fulfill any of your requests in the shortest possible time.

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